Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shipwreck Blog: Queen Anne's Revenge, NC USA

An important artifact has been found at the site of the presumed Queen Anne's Revenge wreck site: a coin.

Coins are important in pinpointing the date of a shipwreck. For instance, if you were out boating and tragedy struck, and you drowned with your sinking boat, and 100 years later the boat was discovered, if the divers found a coin from your pocket dated 2008 but none from 2009, they could then make an educated guess that your shipwreck dated from 2008.

So it is with the Queen Anne's Revenge. Historians know when the ship went down, so if they find coins or other objects that date the shipwreck at a date later than the sinking, then the ship is not Queen Anne's Revenge.

For those not familiar with Queen Anne's Revenge, she was one of several ships owned by the pirate Blackbeard.


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