Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Iranians Trying To Nuke Israel?

A couple of weeks ago I reported on an Iranian-owned ship that had been captured by Somali pirates, along with strange deaths of same due to what appeared to be radiation poisoning.

Now Blackfive is reporting that the ship's cargo is radioactive sand from China, and was destined for the coast of Israel, where it was intended to be exploded in a "dirty bomb" attack against the Jewish nation. Folks, if that had come to pass, it would mean nuclear war between Israel and Iran, and at the present time, only one of those two nations has nuclear weapons, and it ain't the mullahs.

This story is under tight wraps, it isn't getting coverage at all. There's another Somali pirate story, the ship with the tanks aboard, and this isn't that ship. If this story was covered by the MSM it would doom Obama's chances at being elected, because the electorate would turn to McCain in a nuclear war situation. The MSM, which would normally jump at the chance to reveal a story that the administration is keeping under wraps, has its own reasons to spike this story.

Well, I'm passing it along the blogosphere. H/T Vodkapundit.

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skwilli said...

Wow, if any of it is true! I will remain skeptical, but not belligerently so. Iran, China, Israel, Somali pirates, US Intelligence (sic) all in one story. It would be hard to write this stuff!