Tuesday, October 28, 2008

UK: A Man's Home Is His...

castle prison.

A judge has hit out at sentencing guidelines which stopped him from jailing a burglar who terrorised a heavily pregnant mother.

Recorder Shaun Smith said the public 'must think we've all gone mad or soft' as he let Dominic Wong walk free.
Wong had admitted battering his way into Safa Moustafa's home and stealing cash while she cowered upstairs with her two-year-old daughter.

Trauma from her ordeal has left her a virtual prisoner in her own home, but Recorder Smith said he was powerless to put Wong behind bars because it was his first burglary offence.

Instead he had to hand out a community service order.

The judge said: 'This is sentencing by numbers. I want to send you to prison.
The public want to see you go to prison. But I can't send you to prison because of the guidelines I have been given.'

Keep watching, folks. As the UK is, the US will be after four years of Obama.

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