Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Times Of London Ranks US Presidents

From the worst to the best, stretched out over several days.

Today's list:

42. James Buchanan
41. Franklin Pierce
40. Martin Van Buren
39. William Henry Harrison
38. (none, 37 was tie)
37. (tie) Richard Nixon
37. (tie) George W. Bush
36. Herbert Hoover
35. (none, 34 was tie)
34. (tie) Warren G. Harding
34. (tie) James Garfield
33. Millard Fillmore

I'm not fond of tie votes, the panelists should have been required to resolve tie votes. I naturally expected to see George W. Bush down here, but Jimmy Carter should be down here, as well. His post-presidency shouldn't be counted as part of his dismal presidential performance.

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