Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Incentives For Voting Republican, Part 1

Vote for ____________, and, if elected, he'll let you see the Osama bin Laden death photos.

Vote for ____________, and, if elected, he'll rein in the abuses at TSA and institute common-sense security measures (i.e., profiling). Damn the ACLU!


NE said...

I did the whole - "Vote for ____________, and, if elected, he'll shut down Guantanamo Bay and end the expensive, perpetual wars we're in" - thing a couple years ago and it didn't really work out.

So, good luck!

wally said...

See bin Laden dead body photos? That's a big issue with you? There are plenty of grisly, sick fetish photos on the internet. You need more?

Bob said...

@wally: it's funny, isn't it, that everyone on the left and the MSM (but I repeat myself) wanted to see Abu Ghraib photos and videos, but no one wants to see Dead Bin Laden photos. I wonder why that is? I wonder what would have been the reaction from the MSM and the Professional Left (as former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs termed them) if bin Laden had been killed during Bush's term, and Bush had decided not to publish the photos? We'd have seen polls phrased like this: Do you think that the Bush Administration is hiding something by not releasing the Bin Laden death photos?

Be honest now, Walt. Do you really think that the Left and the MSM would let Bush and Cheney get away with such a stunt as that?

It's yet another example of how The Most Open Administration EVER does its business.