Friday, May 27, 2011

Special Weapons and TACTICS?

Check out this video of the killing of USMC Iraq war veteran Jose Guerena:

At 45 seconds, watch the cop on the left run up to the door and empty his pistol in about 2 seconds.

SWAT, we've been told since the 70's, stands for Special Weapons and Tactics. We're told that SWAT is the best of the best, receive comprehensive training that is far beyond what the typical street cop receives. Well, the cop on the left emptying his gun into the house in 2 seconds is employing a tactic known as Spray and Pray, which any ghetto gangbanger on a Saturday night outside a club would be familiar with.

Just sayin'.

Found here.

Update: More from Radley Balko, some of which might seem to justify the raid.

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