Thursday, May 26, 2011

Looks Like Disney...

...doesn't want to exploit the Seal Team 6 name after all.

Could you imagine a Disney movie about Seal Team 6? Here's how it would shake out:

The leader of the team would be a black guy, an incredibly intelligent black guy. He would be based on Barack Obama.

There'd be a Latino, probably voiced by Cheech Marin.

There'd be an Oriental guy to do all the computer tech stuff.

There'd be an Arab-American guy whose family was tragically killed by Al-Qaeda and who joined the SEALs to avenge them.

There'd be a woman, the first female SEAL, and a gay guy, who would be the kindest and most compassionate member of the team.

There'd be one white guy, a Southerner and Christian who is just slightly racist, always mouthing off to the boss and harassing the gay SEAL.

If the movie is animated, there'd be a smartass animal mascot voiced by Eddie Murphy. Probably a crab.

The movie's plot would not involve Al Qaeda, but a plot by evil Tea Party types to commit some horrible act of terrorism.

So I'm glad that the Navy has persuaded Disney to give up on their idea of trademarking the Seal Team 6 name.

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wally said...

I hadn't realized that Disney was infested with left-wing propagandists. You learn something new every day on Drawn Cutlass.