Tuesday, December 04, 2012

BBQ Joint Coming To Downtown Wilmington, NC?


Owned and operated by the same team that makes Nick’s Diner hum on the next block up, Harry Pallas says the new eatery will earn its name by featuring a pair of smokers burning a variety of woods. “We’ll be smoking turkey, beef brisket, chickens [no pork? --Ed.] and have a bunch of sides like sweet potato mash and green bean casserole,” Pallas says about the cafeteria-style eatery that will seat about 250.

Pallas says the offerings will have a distinct comfort food feel at a friendly price, despite being composed entirely of fresh ingredients. While not exclusively Southern fare, he believes Smoke will fill a noticeable vacancy without competing with his existing restaurant. “We do have a lot of tourists come in and ask where to find Southern food, and we have to send them outside of downtown,” he says, noting that keeping visitors in the downtown area should be good for all the surrounding businesses.

Good luck with it.