Saturday, December 08, 2012

Guaranteed Not To Offend!

It's the perfect Christmas holiday tree ornament:

And since this is a Christmas holiday post, where's the annual story about gold coins finding their way into a Salvation Army kettle? Haven't read that one yet this year. Maybe Obama has finally ruined the economy so badly that people can't bear to part with their gold (especially given the price of it these days).


J.R.Shirley said...

Merry Friggin' Christmas. :-D

Bob said...

@J.R. Shirley: Thanks for stopping by, John. Happy to have you visit.

Frank W. James said...

Bob; Thanks for the 'Heads Up' on the hijacking. I think we got it fixed but one never knows.

Any way in response I started a 2nd blog at NOT that it means I will return to regular blogging, but I figure I need some means of defending myself in case it happens again.

thanks again,
Frank W. Jaems

Bob said...

@Frank W. James: Frank, glad to know that you were able to take car of the problem. Good to see you blogging again, even if only in a small way. Sorry about the surgery and the no longer being able to carry your beloved .41 magnums. Getting old sucks, I'm realizing it more and more every day. Thanks for stopping by.