Thursday, March 21, 2013

Corned Horse

More equine taste treats from UK:

Asda has withdrawn tens of thousands of its own brand corned beef - after it was found to contain up to 50 per cent horsemeat, it emerged today.

The supermarket giant removed the £1.54 products from stores across Britain two weeks ago on March 8 - and tests this week showed quantities of horse DNA above trace levels.

Leicestershire County Council found the ingredients of one batch of the 340g tins were half horse, but Leeds-based Asda has insisted it only found levels of up to five per cent.

Asda, which has carried out more than 700 tests on products during the horsemeat scandal, has now had eight products that have been positive for at least traces of horse, reported The Sun.

A spokesman for Asda said the chain has ‘taken a belt and braces approach’ to testing for horse DNA and quickly removed any products from its shelves ‘whenever we’ve had any concerns’.

The Walmart-owned chain with 500-plus stores, whose Smart Price Corned Beef is manufactured by French supplier Toupnot, has also scraped its Chosen By You Corned Beef line, reported the Sun.

Project for you readers: name your favorite beef dish/food, but substitute the word "horse" for the word "beef." Examples: Horse Stew, Horse Jerky. Leave your offerings in comments.


ZerCool said...

Didn't Ron Popeil make horse jerky with one of his $MATICs?

Old NFO said...

LOL, Zer wins...