Saturday, March 02, 2013

"The Filth"

As in, What really caused Pope Benedict XVI to resign?

These priests, bishops and cardinals need to be either de-frocked, or if Canon Law doesn't permit that, reassigned to monasteries to live as hermits for the rest of their natural lives, never to be allowed the privilege of ministering to the public ever again. The Church certainly has enough half-empty monasteries to hold all the offenders.

And no more gay priests, IMO. Much of what is called "pedophilia" in regard to the scandals in the church is nothing but old-fashioned pederasty: grown men diddling pubescent male youths. Make homosexuality a disqualifying trait for the priesthood and you'll clean up nearly all of the problem. Sorry if you don't like that, gay men.


ASM826 said...

Let's ordain women. They certainly can't do any worse.

ASM826 said...
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ASM826 said...

And married men. At least we'd be able to select from a larger group and have some idea that they had a more normal view of human sexuality.

ProudHillbilly said...

Uh, the author of the article is a rabid anti-catholic with a long history of journalistic dishonesty, easily symbolized by the photograph he used on the cover of his book, Hitlers Pope - a photo taken years before the Nazis came to power when Pacelli was nuncio to the Weimer Republic. I actually have scraps of a blog on it that I haven't had time to post.

And known gays already are barred from being accepted to the priesthood. There were screams of course but it is done for exactly the reason you state - most of the sexual scandle has not involved pedephilia but rather homosexuallity.