Thursday, May 02, 2013

50 Adventures Every Kid Should Have


Most of the list includes stuff that any outdoor-oriented child of the past would do, such as fly a kite, go blackberrying, or learn to ride a horse. "Catch fish with a net" is listed, although catching them with a handline, cane pole or fishing rod would do just as well, I suppose. And no mention of cleaning and eating the fish afterwards.

Since it is a UK list, nothing about shooting a BB gun, shotgun or .22 rifle, as rural American kids do (and as UK rural kids did in the past). What sort of things do you think an American would add to the list? I'd say "build a tree fort," because I built more than one of those in my youth. How about "explore a 'haunted' house?" Skinny-dipping? Let me hear your ideas in comments.

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Borepatch said...

Camp out over night.

Build a fire and cook over it. Put it out the right way afterwards.

Basically, get the Boy Scout Handbook and go through it.