Wednesday, May 08, 2013

She Put Da Root On You

Down in - - where else? - - South Carolina, a woman threatened a school resource officer with voodoo:

The incident happened Friday at a picnic for the school’s seniors, according to an Aiken Department of Public Safety report. The school’s resource officer was asked to go to the picnic because a parent was there disturbing parents. When he arrived at the picnic, the officer encountered a very agitated woman.

The officer started to tell the woman she wasn’t allowed to be on the field, and the woman allegedly responded by cursing at the officer and saying “I ain’t got to do nothing you say, you just a security guard.”

Eventually, the officer was able to get the woman to leave the field where the students were having their picnic. He asked the woman for her drivers license. She handed it over and said she was going to Beaufort County to get a “Dr. Buzzard” to “put a root” on the officer.

Then, the woman asked the officer if he believed in voodoo. When he didn’t respond, the woman said “you will when Dr. Root gets through with you.”

A back-up officer arrived on scene a few minutes later, along with the woman’s daughter, the report states. The daughter allegedly encouraged her mother, who kept shouting that she was going to get Dr. Buzzard and that she would have the school resource officer’s job.

I remember watching an episode of Tales From the Emergency Room where a Gullah woman had to have a voodoo ceremony performed because some witch doctor had put "da root" on her.

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