Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Indoctrination Chronicles #3

A child, the son of a former Marine was suspended from school for play-acting as a Marine and using a pencil as a pretend gun.


Old NFO said...

Gah... where does this crap end???

Seasoned SCPO (Ret.) said...

And that’s the problem with all of these cases. One justification for putting billions of taxpayer money into public schools is that they’re supposed to teach critical thinking. But stories like this suggest that the very people who are supposed to be teaching our kids how to think are largely incapable of critical thought themselves.

A Pop Tart gun, a finger gun, or a toy gun — even a pink one that shoots soap bubbles, much less a pencil isn’t any danger to anyone. Nor is playing with toy guns a sign that a kid is mentally ill or dangerous. It’s a sign that a kid is a kid.

When schools and teachers react hysterically to such non-threats, they’re telling us one of two things: Either that they lack the ability to respond realistically to events or that they recognize that there’s not any sort of threat, but deliberately overreact in order to stigmatize even the idea of guns.

The first is educational malpractice; the second is an abuse of power. Neither of which inspires any confidence in the educational system in which they appear.