Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Almost a Cool Kid

I now has a Smith & Wesson 642, the Airweight Centennial:

And, as a bonus, mine doesn't have the Infernal Lock™ that Smith & Wesson puts on most of its revolvers these days (and I was told by a gun shop employee recently that S&W is going to discontinue offering 642's without the lock; take that for what it's worth). A bonus is that I still have some accessories from an old 640-1 I used to own back in the early 1990's: a Milt Sparks Summer Special holster, a Thad Rybka pocket holster, and some old S&W splinter grips. I had a pair of Craig Spegel cocobolo Boot Grips, but stupidly I left those on the 640 when I sold it.

It's much, much lighter than the old 640. Yes, I know these things aren't fun to shoot because of that, but this isn't a fun gun; I have other guns for that purpose.

This revolver in the Thad Rybka pocket holster is identical in size to my Beretta 3032 Tomcat in a similar pocket holster, but packs a much greater punch than the .32ACP does.

I'm happy with my purchase.


Keads said...

Very nice! Congrats!

Rev. Paul said...

Looks good, and will do what it's designed to do. I have an Airweight 442 for the same reason. Not fun to shoot, but works.

Old NFO said...

Nice little pocket pistol and a damn good backup!

Anonymous said...

As for the trigger lock models- true story.

I am a range instructor in Dallas. We had a lady come in with her 642 to shoot for practice. She went on the range and about 5 minutes later reappeared asking for my help.

" My gun wont shoot".

"let's go take a look" was my reply.

The gun would not shoot for me either- it was locked up solid as a bank vault.

She had fired 6 shots through her bright shiny new 642.

The trigger lock had vibrated "on".

She wasnt carrying a key, and we didnt have one among the range tools. The gun was totally unusable until she could get home and unlock it.

Very unsettling - what would have been the result if she had been, you know, like actually using the gun?

I avoid the trigger lock guns like the plague.


John Block said...

It strikes me that the infernal lock revolvers was probably why Super Glue was invented - that's my story and I'm stickin' with it.....