Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Torpedo Vindicator Palin

According to the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator, my Palin White Trash Alaskan Hillbilly baby name would be Torpedo Vindicator Palin.

That fucking RULES!

h/t Ann Althouse


Anonymous said...

I HAVE THE SAME NAME!! haha, i put down my full name Jenn Nicole (and my last name i'm not gonna give out, teehee) and i got Torpedo Vindicator Palin

Bob said...

I think that in any "name generator" like this, the number of name combinations is limited by the number of words that were input into it at when it was developed. I can't imagine that the "Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator" is all that sophisticated or utilizes an unabridged dictionary's worth of names, so duplicates are not only possible but likely.

It is a cool name, though, isn't it?