Saturday, December 26, 2009

Review: Big Bob Gibson's Bar-B-Q, Monroe, NC

Ate lunch at Big Bob Gibson's Bar-B-Q in Monroe, NC, today.

Restaurant was attractive outside and inside. Place has a liquor license, but we didn't buy any alcohol.

Sarah ordered a pork platter with sides of corn on the cob and baked potato; I had a brisket platter with sides of corn on the cob and onion rings. Food arrived promptly, with addition of one hush puppy per platter.

Hush puppies were round, oily on the outside and dry/cornmealy on the inside: Rating 1/5.

Corn on the cob was a full-length cob, properly cooked: 3/5.

Onion rings were advertised as "hand-breaded." Might have been; they were definitely tasteless. 2/5.

Baked potato was properly cooked, came with butter and sour cream: 3/5

Pork was properly cooked, reasonable smoke flavor, not too dry or moist: 3/5.

Brisket was properly cooked, displayed smoke ring, no visible fat, not too dry or moist: 4/5.

Sauces: proprietary red and white sauces, white made with mayonnaise base, a trademark of this chain. Also on the table was unlabeled cruet of vinegar-based NC BBQ sauce. I tried both the red and the white, preferred the red. White might be good with roast beef submarine sandwiches for those wanting an alternative to horseradish sauces. Sara said the vinegar based sauce was average NC-style sauce.

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