Sunday, May 01, 2011

Old Salem

Sara and I visited Old Salem on Saturday. Old Salem is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and is a Moravian community dating from 1766. George Washington visited the community as President.

I'll just post a bunch of pics for your viewing pleasure. You can see everything there is to see in just a few hours. We had perfect weather: sunny, dry and mild.

What Am I? Please Answer In Comments.

Tie Your Horse Up To Me.

I was remiss in not taking photographs of interiors, especially of crafters at work. Old Salem has demonstrations of basketmaking, pottery, blacksmithing, gunsmithing, carpentry, joinery, a working bakery, etc. I notice I didn't take many pictures featuring fellow tourists. I tend to take photos of buildings and objects, not people or animals. Probably a reflection of my misanthropic personality.

There are three eateries in the historic area. The Tavern features German/Moravian cuisine as well as American favorites. Sara and I ate at Mayberry Restaurant, above the bakery. American cuisine/ice cream.

Fun trip.


wally said...

Steps to enter a carriage? If that's right, what do I win? Will you let me win an argument?

Bob said...

@wally: I'd have said a mounting block to mount a horse, but your suggestion is just as valid, I think.