Thursday, May 05, 2011

Why Should the Osama Bin Laden Death Photos Be Published?

Because, as a famous man once said, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and what bin Laden did was not just an insult to the White House, but to every American. If millions of them subsequently use the image as their desktop photo, so what? And, as has already been pointed out, if we're mature enough to see images of our citizens jumping to their deaths on 9/11/2001, and see their beheaded bodies hanging from Iraqi bridges, and see them beheaded on television, then we're mature enough to see the dead face of the man responsible for it.

The President's actions in this matter, such as ensuring that Osama was buried at sea "in accordance with Islamic tradition," make it seem as if the President is more concerned about the sensitivies of his fellow Muslims than he is of his fellow (?)* Americans.

*snide Birther reference.


wally said...

The withholding of Osama death photos is not to spare the delicate sensibilities of Americans, it's to avoid needlessly inflaming people who can be easily moved to cause harm to Americans overseas. Whether you agree with it or not, that's the reason.

Bob said...

@wally: "information wants to be free."

Unless your boy is against it.

wally said...

Information, and proof, of bin Laden's death is bounteous. In the age of Photoshop, photos prove nothing. Prurient interest is not compelling enough.