Thursday, April 05, 2012

Doesn't Really Qualify As News, Does It?

"Volunteer Firefighter Faces Arson Charge."

A volunteer firefighter faces arson charges after Burke County authorities accused him of setting fire to an outbuilding in February, reports WBTV.

Roy Travis Benfield, 22, was arrested Tuesday and charged with arson and breaking and entering in connection with a Feb. 29 fire in Glen Alpine, according to the TV station.

The fire broke out at the outbuilding, located next to a house, on Greer Avenue around 1 a.m. Police told WBTV that they believe Benfield set the fire, drove away and called 911 but then returned to help fight the fire.

Glen Alpine Police Chief Tony Moses told WBTV that Benfield did not admit he set the fire but said "he gets a high from fighting fires."

How exactly do fire departments go about screening for pyromaniacs? Do they even try?

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