Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The UK Daily Mail Notices NC BBQ


  Barbecue is to North Carolina as the hot dog is to New York. The state claims to be the 'Cradle of 'Cue', and there are smokehouses and restaurants on every highway, annual Hog Festivals, a Tour de Hog cycle race, and a historic route of 24 pits and shacks stretching across the state to Tennessee. My husband Gary and I wanted to sample the best slow-cooked food this south-east corner of the United States could provide, and the North Carolina Historic Barbecue Trail would lead us across plains and through mountains, vineyards, tobacco warehouses and cotton fields to find it.

 Looks like they ate at a half-dozen different places, including Mac's Speed Shop here in Charlotte, which I haven't yet sampled.

 h/t BBQ Jew.


Greg Tag said...


I hope not to upset any of ya'll who hail from NC, or Tennessee, or any place else where they pit-roast pork, but real Barbacue is made with BEEF, as in bovine, cow, steer, however you want to denote it.

As in Texas.

A brisket, from a bovine, is barbecue, and properly done by people who have a real love and understanding of this delicacy, there is no finer food. I offer you real practitioners of the art -such as Sonny Bryan's of Dallas, and C & J Barbecue of College Station. There are others.

Those folks prospecting from the Daily Mail should have headed west.



Bob said...

@Greg Tag: I've eaten plenty of beef brisket BBQ myself, both in Texas and elsewhere, and quite enjoy it. Of the four regional varieties of US BBQ - - Memphis, Kansas City, NC and Texas - - NC tends to come in last in popularity, most likely due to the vinegar-based sauces popular in eastern NC, which take some getting used to.