Monday, April 30, 2012

We Needs Us Some Black SEALs

The US Navy, embarrassed that there are so few African-Americans in the SEAL program, want to increase outreach to remedy the situation.

Whites make up 85% of SEAL team members, while the number for whites in the rest of the Navy is 64%, so you see the issue that is embarrassing the Navy.

So they're desperately reaching out to try and fix things so more blacks become SEALs.

A couple of things stand in the way, however:

Don’t expect to see quotas, however.

“We have no numeric goal for diversity. This is not a quota-based operation,” Smith said. “This is really just wanting to make progress and to better prepare our force to conduct overseas operations.”

And the command won’t ease its tough standards to become a SEAL or SWCC. “We are trying to become more diverse, but our standards have never been compromised,” he said, “and will not be compromised.”

Oops. Well, so much for your diversity if you aren't willing to institute quotas and dumb down the standards.

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