Thursday, January 24, 2013

Back To the Dreaded Merthiolate?

"Antibiotic resistance is now as serious a threat as terrorism and could trigger an 'apocalyptic scenario', warns UK's top doctor."

I'm guessing that most of the fault lays with abuse of antibiotics in livestock food, but is routine use of antibiotic ointment for treatment of scratches and scrapes partly reponsible, too? And over-prescription of antibiotics for cold viruses? Should we go back to using iodine and *shudder* merthiolate for treating childhood scrapes?

You young 'uns are lucky that you grew up with antibiotic ointment. Back in my childhood days if I skinned my knee or got caught in the rosebush thorns, my mom would treat it by pulling a red spray bottle of merthiolate out of the cupboard:

Mom: Hold still! *spray spray*

Young Bobby: Aiiieieeeeeee! Ow ow ow ow! *whimper whimper*

Can I get an Amen! from you older folks? Am I right?


Jon said...

Amen and Ouch!

Phil said...

No spray bottle. We always had the glass bottle with the glass applicator.
I can still remember that funky pink/ red color too, like it was radioactive or something.
I don't think they even still make that stuff and you have to show your damn vehicle registration in Oregon to even buy iodine now for veterinary use. No lie, I just read an article about it yesterday.