Saturday, January 05, 2013

Bicycle Next, I Guess

'Cause he done wrecked his liquorcycle:

A man was in critical condition after driving his moped while under the influence of alcohol and colliding with another vehicle in the intersection of Rocky River Road and WT Harris Boulevard in northeast Charlotte Saturday.

Witnesses told officers that around 7 p.m. the moped “all of a sudden appeared in front of traffic” in the intersection, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said. Another vehicle struck the moped, and it’s driver was taken by helicopter to a local hospital, medic officials said.

DUI on a liquorcycle means he had his license to drive taken away already for the same offense. Maybe, if he lives, this will be enough to make him change his ways. But I doubt it.

And yet this is the sort of person who most needs our prayers, isn't it? Does the Lord mind much if your prayers for someone like this are sort of half-hearted? Is it hypocrisy to pray for someone you feel little empathy for?


Rev. Paul said...

Bob, if I may: we are commanded to pray for those who despitefully use us. Those prayers may be feeble, but still required.

Bob said...

@Rev. Paul: required? That stings a bit. Appreciate the guidance, though.

Rev. Paul said...

I understand, Bob. But a commandment is an order, not just a suggestion. He wants us to do things we rather not do, sometimes.