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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Looks Like the Secret Service... worried about riflemen interrupting the inauguration.

Reminds me of something Bob Owens said recently:

While the Secret Service will be able to protect the President in the White House, he will not dare leave his gilded cage except in carefully controlled circumstances. Even then he will be forced to move like a criminal. He will never be seen outdoors in public again. Not in this country.


Murphy's Law said...

Nah, they break that thing out and set it up every four years. It's more about giving the President and all of his family, friends and administration flacks a warm and quiet place to sit and socialize during the parade.

Heck, it's just money, right?

Old NFO said...

I honestly don't remember seeing that stuff until Bush 43...

Murphy's Law said...

@ Old NFO: That's when I first saw it, too. But I wasn't here before so it's all I've ever known.

Personally, my thought is that there should be no massively expensive inaugurations for second terms. All it does is waste tax dollars and boggle up a city that people are trying to work and live in. But hey--who listens to me?