Monday, January 28, 2013

Best Comeback Insult EVER!

Found at Ann Althouse's blog:

Blogger Howard said...

Fucking bullshit article. Jobs got a shitty cancer lottery ticket. He likely messed up once he got sick by going for the gorp treatment instead of surgery.

In any event, he lived a thousand more lives compared to everyone else.

Do you feel better tearing down the great man? Life is safe in the little box where rebels go galt repeating opinions from Fox -n- Friends and praying to gawd for heaven and a big mac.

1/28/13, 10:13 PM Blogger Chip Ahoy said...

Do you feel better blah blah blah crap blah blah FOX blah blah

Why no, Howard, I don't. Do you feel better painting with broad brushes slapping paint all aver the place and holding those brushes in both hands and both monkey feet?

1/28/13, 10:21 PM

Now that there is some funny shit.

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