Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Want To Help Restore a B-17?

Here's your chance.

SPRINGFIELD, OHIO — The stakes aren’t as high as when 12,726 of them were built during World War II, but the effort to restore one B-17 in Urbana still needs everyone to do their part.

Close to 90 volunteers at the Champaign Aviation Museum have so far spent seven years returning a single Flying Fortress to flying condition, and they can always use another Rosie the Riveter.

“The door’s open,” project manager Randy Kemp said. “Come get acquainted and see what you like.”

Don’t worry about experience — all you need is the same can-do spirit that won the war in the first place.

“Most of these guys have never before bent a piece of aluminum in their lives,” Kemp explained recently. “But, pretty soon, you’re building an engine nacelle.”

For history buffs, it’s an open invitation to come tinker on the ultimate muscle car — only this one could carry 8,000 pounds of muscle in its bomb bay.

I know I have some readers that would probably enjoy the chance to work on this project.


Murphy's Law said...

Thanks for spreading the word. I may have to fly up and offer some help, or at least moral support. :-)

Bob said...

@Murphy's Law: I had you in mind when I posted this, you and Old NFO and Brigid. Pass the word along, would ya?

Rev. Paul said...

I would LOVE to help, just for the chance of actually touching my favorite WWII bomber.

That 3500-mile commute's a bummer, though.