Saturday, May 08, 2010

Weekend Perambulations

Apologies for the light blogging. I'll try to do better.

Today we went to Shelby, North Carolina, with the intent of buying my mother a purse similar to one that Sara carries, which she covets. We found a nice one, and will give it to her tomorrow morning when we visit her at the nursing home. We wandered around downtown Shelby for a bit, checked out the sidewalk Farmer's Market that takes place there; not much going on, some greens and herbs, not much else.

Lunch was at a barbecue place (imagine that!) in Gastonia called R.O's Bar-B-Cue. Didn't get any pictures because of the circumstances: the restaurant has booths only, and those booths are firmly bolted down, as are the benches for the booths, and they are NOT intended for fat people to sit in, so we ended up eating in the car, an uncivilized procedure. Both of us forgot to ask that slaw be omitted from the sandwiches, so of course they arrived covered in slaw. Sara rejected hers outright, refusing to even attempt to eat it, so it was bequeathed to me, while she made do with french fries and - - wait for it - - battered, deep-fried macaroni and cheese. This latter dish was actually quite good, at least from the sample that Sara provided me. The hush puppies I ate were better than average, being the proper oblong shape; the sandwiches were not bad, but messy and a bit sodden from the slaw. I'll say of R.O.'s that they would do well to add some tables and chairs to the restaurant, or some picnic tables in the grassy lawns outside the restaurant, so as to be friendlier to fat people; eating in the car is, as I already observed, uncivilized.

On the way home we stopped in Clover for gasoline, and I snapped this photo of a patriotic-minded bicyclist through the windshield:

It's a pretty day; a bit hot, but sunny and rather dry. Later in the summer it will be unbearable.

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