Monday, August 15, 2011

The Galveston Vampire

GALVESTON — A man claiming to be a vampire faces felony burglary charges stemming from an incident early Saturday morning.

About 6:50 a.m., officers received a call about a break-in at an apartment complex in the 7800 block of Seawall, a Galveston police statement said.

According to the report, a woman was in bed when a man broke into her apartment. He then began to make hissing and growling noises while biting and striking the woman. He tried to drag her out of the apartment, but she ran away.

The man chased her into the complex’s parking lot, where the woman was able to get into a vehicle occupied by two of her neighbors. The man then ran up and began beating on the windows as the group drove away, the statement said.

The woman called police and described the suspect as a white male with multiple tattoos, wearing only boxer shorts. When officers arrived at the apartment complex, they found a man matching the description, but he ran away. The suspect was apprehended a short time later without incident. He told officers that he was a vampire, the statement said.

I lived briefly in Galveston, and in a strange coincidence, wrote a short story about a vampire while there. Small world.

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Murphy's Law said...

They make bullets for that sort of thing.
Granted, I suspect that ordinary hollowpoints would do the job nicely.