Tuesday, August 30, 2011

He Has An Over-Developed Sense of Vengeance...

...and it's going to get him into trouble some day:

A Washington state fire chief says a man dumped gasoline on a beehive in a tree in retaliation for a bee sting, then ignited the hive, causing an explosion heard throughout his suburban neighborhood just a few miles south of the Canadian border.

Lynden chief Gary Baar tells the Bellingham Herald (http://bit.ly/pBBpg0) that the Sunday night fire caused a large "whoosh," singed the tree and killed the bees but no people were hurt.

Baar says the man's friend had been stung earlier in the day.

Now that's what I call friendship: a man who will wreak vengeance on an entire hive of bees in retaliation for one sting to a friend.

Of course, you know where I got the blog post title:

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