Monday, August 08, 2011

When the Mob Comes To Call

There's a YouTube video of an encounter between a white Tea Party type and a mob of the Usual Suspects®. Please watch it:

Man with a gun trumps mob with rocks, even a gun as poorly suited for the role as the one shown in the video. It's a Russian Mosin-Nagant military bolt action rifle, and they have been around since the nineteenth century. It was the main Soviet battle rifle during WWII. It is slow to load and slow to make ready to fire. The man in the video didn't even prepare it for firing, he just showed it to the mob and they fled. Well, he was lucky. They could just as easily have snatched it from him and clubbed him to death with it.

The Mosin-Nagant has one huge advantage: it's cheap. They're sold on the surplus market for under $100, so anyone in need of a firearm can afford one. They use a cartridge that is fully as powerful as the .30-06 that was used in US military rifles such as the 1903 Springfield and the M1 Garand. They were built strong and built to last, and if your only choice is between owning a $100 gun and not owning a gun, then they make a reasonable choice. You'd still be better off with a pistol or a shotgun, or even a youth's .22 plinking rifle, but those are a little more expensive. And when the mob comes to call, the first rule is to have a gun. Having one on layaway at the gun store doesn't count.

h/t Sharp As a Marble and others.

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