Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shit My Sister Says

Karen, who sells auto parts for "the green team," was interviewing for a job with the competing "red team." She told me that the interviewer was mildly, although not profoundly, cross-eyed. Karen is ASC-certified and has been selling parts for over ten years now, so she knows her shit. Her current job at "the green team" is the commercial desk, which means taking care of the needs of local repair shops/garages. She had specified interest in commercial work when she applied with "the red team."

Well, the interviewer told Karen that he thought that she "wouldn't be a good fit" for The Red Team's commercial side, and instead offered her a position in retail sales, that of assistant manager: the one who works all the hours without getting any overtime pay for the privilege. Karen rejected it as soon as he offered it, which startled him.

"It was obvious we didn't see eye-to-eye," she said. "Of course, with him nobody can," she added.

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