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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Time To Leave

The welcome is definitely worn out.

Should have never bothered with nation-building in the first place in Afghanistan. Should have bombed the place thoroughly and warned the survivors not to associate themselves with Al Qaeda ever again.


russell.j.coller.jr said...

Oh, i'm sorry, are you the tortured ghost of Field Marshal Sir Frederick Roberts, Earl of Kandahar and Waterford? Leader of the Miawand Field Force, on orders from Rawalpindi and destroyer of the Afghan will to fight for "all time."** ---Because you have been in the shit for a while now, bro.

-------**time is a different concept to Pashtun warriors, i'm afraid.

Bob said...

@russell.j.coller.jr: Russell, are you really prepared to find equivalence between the war technology of the late 19th century with the war technology of the 21st?

Old NFO said...


russell.j.coller.jr said...

No way, my man. The warfare of the 21st Century is identical to the warfare of 404 B.C. There is only one question to be asked: WILL THEY DO WHAT WE SAY or DO WE BEGIN EXTERMINATING THE MALES AGED 8 - 95?
Short of that, feel free to play faggot grab-ass like in Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Iraq and in Af-Pak. They give plenty of medals for faggot grab-ass, that mostly involves typing -- or is this new information?
(no one accused Sherman or LeMay or Nimitz of playing like he was a little bitch turd-sniffer.) That's all I'm saying on the vital matter of 'technology.'