Saturday, December 29, 2018

Since I'm Now Banned On Facebook...

...for the next 30 days, I'll post here a bit to keep in touch with those of my online acquaintances who aren't on Twitter or MeWe.

I actually had just finished a five-day ban on Facebook for typing the words "tranny" (not a reference to automobile transmissions) and "muzzy" (slang for Muslim). Don't know if I was ratted out by other people on Facebook or whether Facebook has an algorithm that looks for such words. Anyway, today was my first and last day of freedom on Facebook for the next thirty days, as I typed the words "white trash peckerwoods" in a comment about the movie Deliverance only a few minutes after being able to post again. Within a half hour I was again in Facebook Jail, this time for a 30-day stretch. Still don't know whether it was a rat or an algorithm that got me.

So, thirty days from now when Facebook allows me to do things on my profile beside read it, I'll update my profile photo: