Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Arthel "Doc" Watson, 1923-2012: R.I.P.

He's back picking with Merle now.

Doc Watson, the guitarist and folk singer whose flat-picking style elevated the acoustic guitar to solo status in bluegrass and country music, and whose interpretations of traditional American music profoundly influenced generations of folk and rock guitarists, died on Tuesday in Winston-Salem, N.C. He was 89.

h/t Dax Montana.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Call It Stormy Monday

And they hope Tuesday's just as bad.

North Florida, desperately parched after several years of drought, caught some relief on Monday when Tropical Storm Beryl came ashore with soaking rains.

One day of storms isn't enough by itself to break the drought, but lingering remnants of Beryl might just do the trick.

Let's play the old blues standard I mention in the blog post title, singing and guitar courtesy of the man who wrote the song, Mr. T-Bone Walker:

Monday, May 28, 2012

Good Stars & Stripes Article For Memorial Day

"Why America Scours the Earth For Its Fallen Service Members."

The fallen navigator waited until dawn to crawl from the jungle. His back was broken, his jaw ripped open by shrapnel. There was a bullet hole in his left leg.

In the night, Lt. Jose Holguin had parachuted from a burning B-17. Painted on its nose were a scantily clad woman and the words "Naughty but Nice." Now the bomber lay before him in pieces.

He hobbled to the plane's mid-section, where he saw the charred, mangled bodies of two of his nine comrades. He fired his pistol twice, signaling the crew to rendezvous. He heard nothing in return.

This is when he made his hardest decision — to flee — and his most important promise, one as old as war. "I told the men that I couldn't take them with me," he would recall. "But I would be back to take care of them."

Click the link to read the rest.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


...moving to a different rental house not far from where we were living. Doing it all ourselves, so packing up, moving, unpacking.

Not much time for blogging right now. My apologies.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Old Devlins Was A-Waiting By the Lonesome River Ford...*

...when he spied the Mackey Captain with a pistol and a sword...

Starting on Monday at 9 p.m., actor Kevin Costner returns to the epic story on the History Channel with a miniseries Hatfields and McCoys, about the famous feud between those two Appalachian families.

Costner plays Devil Anse Hatfield, the patriarch of the Hatfield family; Bill Paxton plays Randall McCoy, the leader of the McCoys. There's a video available at the link.

Looks like it might be worth watching.

*bonus points for identifying the story I got the blog post title from. No cheating with Google, now.

Best Wishes Go Out... guitar player extraordinaire Doc Watson, 89, who is in the hospital in Winston-Salem, NC, after a fall at his home.

He's listed in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit, so please send good thoughts and prayers his way, if you would.

Update: He's undergone colon surgery.

That worries me. With antibiotics basically ineffective these days, the chance of developing MRSA after a surgery is high. Best wishes for a complete and safe recovery go out to Doc.

Musical Interlude

I picked this one after reading a Facebook update by singer/songwriter Mary Gauthier.

Is Playing the Odds Racism?

"1 shot at business on Albemarle Rd."

One man was seriously injured in a shooting before daybreak Friday at a business on Albemarle Road, police say.

The shooting was reported about 4:45 a.m. at the Albemarle Business Center, a sweepstakes parlor near Central Avenue in the Eastland area.

There is no description of a suspect, and no arrests have been announced.

Well, that area of Charlotte is impoverished and home to a lot of African-Americans and Latinos. Much of the violent crime is concentrated in the area, especially robberies, shootings and murders. Most of these are committed by African-American youths who would probably closely resemble President Obama were that individual to have sons.

So, although no description has been published, you won't go broke betting that both the victim and the perpetrator were young, male and African-American. The Charlotte Observer may in fact be reluctant to publish a description for that very reason.

When you read crime reports a lot - - and I do - - you notice trends. Even other news stories tend to have trends when the human factor is considered. Crimes of violence - - murders, armed robberies, and rapes - - tend to be committed by young African-American men. Is it racist to say so? No. Many will hesitate to say so, though, out of fear of being labeled racist. Bank robberies, at least in Charlotte, more often tend to be the work of white men. Why? I don't know. It's a Federal offense to rob banks, and the prison time is substantial when you are caught.

When I read an article and note that a machete was used as a weapon, I automatically think that it was a crime committed by a Latino, and again I am usually right. Racist? No. Playing the odds.

Who makes meth? White rednecks, for the most part, and often white motorcycle gangs. Can't be racist for pointing that out, can I?

A common crime a century ago was to blind someone by throwing lye into their eyes. Who committed this crime? African-American women, for the most part. You'll occasionally read of attacks with acid in modern times (the English of Victorian times referred to it as vitriol-throwing) and it's usually Middle Eastern men who commit this sort of crime these days.

Hackers? White guys. It's playing the odds. Profiling, if you will. Stereotyping. I once came up with a satirical definition of the word stereotype: drawing conclusions about a group based on the observed behavior among members of that group, by someone who has not acquired a science degree. When an individual with a science degree makes conclusions about a group based on observed behavior among members of that group, it is called anthropology.

None of this is to suggest that playing the odds should be government policy, or to focus on a profiled group to the exclusion of other possibilities; but for a private individual who must make decisions while going about his/her daily business, you ignore the odds at your peril.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hungry Avengers Assemble!

The movie Iron Man 3 is currently filming in Wilmington, North Carolina. Star Robert Downey, Jr., hosted a luncheon which was catered by Poor Piggy's BBQ, which is one of Wilmington's first successful "food truck" ventures, although there is a brand-new restaurant site, as well. My friend Sara has eaten Poor Piggy's BBQ, and reports it to be first rate bbq.

The sign in the photo was drawn by Downey himself, it seems:

You Can't Make This Stuff Up, perhaps you can.

CHAPEL HILL UNC-Chapel Hill trustees, briefed Thursday on the academic fraud uncovered in the African and Afro-American Studies department, asked pointed questions about accountability in the university’s academic operations.

Trustee chairman Wade Hargrove described the findings in UNC-CH’s recent internal investigation as “major indiscretions that raise serious questions of unprofessional and unethical conduct.”

Hargrove said he read the report with a mixture of “disappointment and dismay and outrage.”

“Academic freedom is not to be confused with academic irresponsibility or academic fraud,” Hargrove said. “We all know the difference.”

Several trustees asked about checks and balances and how courses with little or no supervision from professors could have gone undetected for years.

How about Because you collectively thought you'd be called racist if you expressed reservations about the situation?

Communion Wine, Peyote and Sweat Lodges

Pissing contest between a Catholic priest and the Chief Deputy of the Charleston County Jail.

Treasure Blog: Freed Slave Tag

#320 from the city of Charleston, SC:

Worth up to $30,000, the article says.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's Preston Brooks Day!

Otherwise known as "Beat a US Senator Into a Coma With a Cane" day.

Any of you readers have a US Senator you wouldn't mind seeing caned? Be gentlemanly about it, if you're a man don't express a desire to cane a female Senator.

I nominate Senator Charles Schumer of New York to be caned.

Meanwhile, In the Place I Grew Up...

...which is the area around Melrose, Florida, an extended drought has revealed numerous ancient Native American dugout canoes in the dry lake beds.

I used to find Indian relics as a boy; spear points, arrow points and pottery shards. After a heavy rain I would walk along the dirt road we lived on and find them along the shoulders where the rain had eroded the soil. I was careless with them and usually found a way to break them, never making an attempt to display them as a collection. Regret that now, but hell, my life is full of regrets.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Live Fast, Die Young

He ignored his wake-up call:

A 17-year-old who died Friday in a head-on collision after fleeing from an officer had his license revoked only hours earlier on a speeding charge, Concord police said Sunday.

Joshua Mark Stanish lived in northern Charlotte, near the Highland Creek Golf Club. His Mitsubishi Gallant collided with two other vehicles at about 10:20 p.m. Friday, injuring four others.

Concord police said Stanish was first pulled over by a state trooper about 5:20 p.m. Friday, on N.C. 49, near the Cabarrus Events Arena.

He was arrested and charged with speeding 85 mph in a 55 mph zone and reckless driving. Stanish went before a magistrate, who revoked his license.

Only five hours later, a Concord police officer tried to stop Stanish for unspecified traffic violations near Derita Road and Concord Mills Boulevard. Stanish’s home was less than two miles away. Police say he fled and struck two other vehicles less than a mile away on Cox Mill Road near Edenbury Lane.

Stanish died at the scene. He was the only occupant of his car.

What a waste.

Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't... its Middle Eastern incarnation, masterfully explained by Victor Davis Hanson:

Remember, there is also an ironclad law about the Middle East, one we keep forgetting: Arab intellectuals (many of them educated or residing in Western universities) hate the U.S. for backing dictators; they hate the U.S. for intervening to remove them; they hate the U.S. for trying to impose postbellum democracy upon them; and they hate the U.S. for staying clear and letting Arabs be Arabs on their own.

From a discussion of whether the US can win wars any more. We can, of course, but Hanson points at groups and individuals who, like Lucy with Charlie Brown, jerk the football away at the critical moment.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Color Photography of Russia, C.1910

Russia in color, a century ago - Imgur

Some truly spectacular photographs. Here's a sample:

Up In the Light At Night

The Cape Hatteras lighthouse, that is.

A new feature at the lighthouse is the nighttime visit to the top of the light. Since the interior of the light isn't lighted - - which sounds paradoxical, doesn't it? - - the visitors have to carry flashlights to illuminate their way up the metal staircase (personally I think a hat-mounted headlight would be a wiser choice, along with a backup hand-held).

For those of you who live here in NC, it's a fine opportunity to experience something few people have (you people in other states are welcome, too, it's just a longer drive).

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Blueberry Wine?

From the Cross Creek area of Florida, made famous by writer Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings of The Yearling fame.

I like the names of the two different wines - - Kinda Dry and Sorta Sweet. They're both made of 100% blueberries.

Feds Threaten To Arrest Musicians In Concert?

Because their guitars might be made with "illegal" wood?

Keith Richards has the proper response to that:

Seriously, folks, it's about time that Second Amendment solutions were applied to government over-reach. Amy Alkon reports on another example, arrest of people who produce and drink raw milk, here.

Ageing Eyes+Small Print@4:00 a.m.=Momentary Panic

"How To Tell If Your Deck Is Secure."

I read "deck" as dick.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

She Had It Totally Bassackwards

Girl, you use a gun to get yourself into jail, you use that file to get out of the jail.

BBQ In Southern Living Magazine

The magazine posts its 2012 "Smokin' Hot" list of BBQ pitmasters.

Included are some pitmasters from North Carolina. The magazine also includes its list of best BBQ restaurants. I've only eaten at two of them (so far), Red Bridge' BBQ Lodge in Shelby, NC, and Lexington Barbecue in Lexington, NC. We have a Jim N' Nick's location here in Charlotte that Sara and I will be trying out fairly soon; it's a chain restaurant, they also have a location in Charleston next to Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville store.

h/t Kathleen Purvis.

Remember the Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs?

Let me introduce you to the man who is going to shit diamonds.

WINDSOR, Ontario Police in the Canadian province of Ontario say they are holding a man who is accused of swallowing a $20,000 diamond as long as it takes for him to produce the evidence.

It has been nearly a week since Richard Mackenzie Matthews, 52, is alleged to have switched a diamond at Precision Jewellers and swallowed the real one.

Matthews has been held at police headquarters while they wait for the 1.7-carat stone to pass through his system. Sgt. Brett Corey said Thursday that Matthews has gone to the washroom numerous times, but the diamond hasn't passed.

I wonder if that sharply-faceted diamond is scraping and cutting his intestines as it moves down the ol' alimentary canal?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

By Now It Probably Goes Without Saying...

...that if President Obama had sons, they'd doubtless look a lot like these two:

redell County sheriff’s investigators are searching for two men who robbed the Food Lion at 835 Williamson Road near Interstate 77 Exit 33 on May 12.

One of the men fired a shot from a handgun into the ceiling of the store, before the robbers then went to a safe that was already open and stole $1,500, sheriff’s Detective Brian Boyd said.

The intruders entered the store shortly before 10 p.m. No one was injured, Boyd said.

One of the men was wearing a hoodie, the other a hat. Both had bandanas across their faces. They are black, in their 20s, 5-feet-6 to 5-feet-9-inches tall and about 150 pounds, Boyd said.

Sometimes Fish Eats You!

Or nearly so:

It was a dramatic weekend for kayakers in waters off Cambria: A Paso Robles fisherman escaped an attack by a great white shark Saturday, although his kayak didn’t, and another Paso Robles kayaker was plucked from the 51-degree-water Sunday in time to save his life.

Joey Nocchi, 30, of Paso Robles, had the big-fish tale to tell, after his kayak was upended and bitten by a great white shark. Nocchi and friends James Byon of Paso Robles and Matt Kerschke of Los Osos were fishing for rockfish at 1:30 p.m. Saturday near Leffingwell Landing off Moonstone Beach.

“We’d just about limited out on rock cod, and Matt caught two halibut,” Nocchi said. “We were cruising along together and talking.”

He was reaching for his knife when “I got hit from underneath and started coming up out of the water. My buddies said I came out of the water 4 to 5 feet — it flipped me over the side. The shark rolled the whole kayak over, rolled me out of it, and he went over the top of it. He swam across me — his tail touched me.” His friends estimated the shark was 12 feet to 14 feet long.

Nocchi’s buddies told him “the shark came all the way out of the water, jaws open, extra eyelids closed like they do when they’re making a kill strike.

“I swam back as fast as I could and got back on the back of the kayak. I didn’t even think to turn it back over.”

Nocchi said he was glad he did not fish alone, and added he’d likely stay out of the ocean for a while. “I’ll be bass fishing for a while, probably from the shore.”

Can't say I blame him for that.

Krauthammer Gets His Wookie Suit On

Charles Krauthammer discusses the use of unmanned drones to spy on US citizens.

"A drone is a high-tech version of an old army and a musket. It ought to be used in Somalia to hunt bad guys but not in America. I don't want to see it hovering over anybody's home. Yes, you can say we have satellites, we've got Google Street View and London has a camera on every street corner but that's not an excuse to cave in on everything else and accept a society where you're always under -- being watched by the government. This is not what we want," Krauthammer said on the panel portion of FOX News' "Special Report."

"I would say that you ban it under all circumstances and I would predict, I'm not encouraging, but I an predicting that the first guy who uses a Second Amendment weapon to bring a drone down that's been hovering over his house is going to be a folk hero in this country," Krauthammer said tonight.

Click the link to read the rest, or see it on video.

h/t Sipsey Street Irregulars.

Oh, My.

"Mac & Cheese Fit For the Gods."

Examples include:

Zeus (Meat Lover's): Bacon, Ham, Prime Rib and Provolone Cheese, Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms.

Neptune (Seafood): Lump Crab Meat, Shrimp, Onions, Green Peppers, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, and Goat Cheese. [Bob's note: apparently they forgot the Greek form of the Sea God's name - - Poseidon. All the rest of the names use the Greek form.]

Left out of the pantheon of Mac & Cheese are Mars, Hermes and Hephaestus, presumably because Hermes would give you the runs, Mars would cause you to argue and fight, and Hephaestus would cause to to run to the nearest bar and get hammered.

update: Mars? I meant Ares, of course. None of you caught that?

Dumbass Said What?

Be a pal, shoot me.

STOCKHOLM, N.Y. Authorities say a northern New York man had his friend shoot him in the leg with a rifle because he wanted to know what it feels like to be shot.

State police in St. Lawrence County say the shooting occurred around 5 p.m. Sunday in the rural town of Stockholm when 25-year-old Shawn Mossow of neighboring Norfolk relented to his friend's repeated requests and shot him once in the right leg with a .22-caliber rifle.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Random Speculation

For those of you who have read Robert Ruark's classic coming-of-age book The Old Man and the Boy: What do you think of Sam Elliott as the Old Man in a film or miniseries version? (And yes, I'm aware of what Velociman said about Sam recently. I still think he's perfect for the role.)

Over At Bing...

...Monday's background photo is of cork trees in Spain. I've seen them myself in my travels around that country.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

When the Law-Abiding Are Disarmed...

...the criminals come and go as they please.

NOTE: Clicking the link will show you some distressing photos of machete wounds.

Donald 'Duck' Dunn, 1942-2012: R.I.P.

The bass player for Booker T. & the M.G.'s and the Blues Brothers has died in his sleep while on tour in Tokyo.

He was 70 years old.

Here's Duck and his musical partner Steve Cropper playing the classic Green Onions, the signature song of Booker T. & the M.G.'s:

For BBQ Aficionados...

...Bob Garner's Book of Barbecue: North Carolina's Favorite Food.

Bob Garner is the doyen of North Carolina barbecue.

Friday, May 11, 2012

In the "Learn Something New Every Day" Category...

...I learn that musician Phil Collins (Genesis) is a serious collector of Alamo artifacts.

If You Like This Parody...

...pass it on.

h/t Michael Graham.

Squares, Hipsters, Eggheads & Crackers

A Wall Street Journal analysis of why President Obama "evolved" on gay marriage.

I got a kick out of this passage discussing the political ramifications resulting from the decision:

So Obama makes up for ceding the squares and the crackers by picking up the hipsters and the eggheads. The average age of a Democratic voter drops, while the average IQ rises. Like Spinal Tap, the president's appeal is becoming more selective.

But there are two problems with this analysis. First, squares tend to be much more reliable about actually going to the polls than hipsters do, and there aren't enough eggheads who aren't already with the Democrats to make up for the lost crackers.

A Knack For An Attention-Getting... post title.

Robert Stacy McCain has it.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Meanwhile, In Myrtle Beach, SC...

...Elvis has left the building, and the Blues Brothers are his getaway drivers.

It’s not clear if he sang a rendition of “Jailhouse Rock,” but an Elvis impersonator on the Grand Strand spent nearly 12 hours in jail Wednesday after a fracas over a board game.

David Allen Credille, 32, of The Colony, Texas was charged with third-degree assault and battery and booked into J. Reuben Long Detention Center at 8:45 a.m. Wednesday, according to jail records. He was released at 8:11 p.m. Wednesday on $1,000 bail.

Click the link to read the rest, as the saying goes.

Down In Charleston This Weekend...

HMS Bounty.

A replica of the ship made famous for a South Seas mutiny. Captain Bligh, Fletcher Christian.

"Flog that man, Mr. Christian!"

"But Sir, he's dead!"

"Mr. Christian, I said flog that man!"

Calico Lobster?



Yer Laugh of the Day

via Radley Balko:

Story Too Good To Be True

Remember the story of the dentist girlfriend from Hell?

Turns out it was a hoax.

MSNBC, believe it or not, did due diligence and good journalism and discovered that none of the "facts" of the story could be verified.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Headline of the Day

Should NAACP Teach Detroit Kids How To Interact With Police?

Who knows, maybe it will help. Don't need to spend too much money, though, just broadcast the following Chris Rock comedy bit on the Detroit TV stations:

It's only 3 minutes, should be short enough for their limited attention spans to cope.

Korean War Vet Shoots Home Invader

Shot him with a Luger that the old fellow brought back as a war souvenir.

It's too bad that Bob Strait in Tulsa, Oklahoma wasn't able to do the same thing.

.222 Remington

Remember that cartridge? Sort of fell off the face of the earth, didn't it?

.22 Hornet did, too. .219 Zipper and .218 Bee. .38-45 Clerke. All forgotten.

Well Damn, That's What I Call...

...a win-win-scenario.

In Germany, Islamists and Neo-Nazis battle it out.

Snipers At War

A fine USA Today feature story.

QUANTICO, Va. – When Marine Sgt. Jonathan Charles' unit arrived in Afghanistan, the American troops faced an entrenched enemy that picked a fight with the Marines almost every time they stepped off base.

"They couldn't get outside the wire more than 50 meters before it was a barrage of fire," said Charles, a scout sniper.
The Marine battalion quickly dispersed well-camouflaged scout sniper teams throughout the Musa Qala area in southern Afghanistan, the former Taliban heartland. The teams would hide for days, holed up in crevices, among boulders or in mud-walled homes, and wait for unsuspecting militants to walk into a trap.

The result: Dozens of militants were killed by an enemy they never saw. Word of unseen killers began to spread among the "few who got away," Charles said. Within weeks, the tide had begun to turn and by the end of the unit's seven-month deployment in March 2011, the battalion's 33-man sniper platoon had 185 enemy kills.
"They quit altogether," Charles, 26, said of the Taliban. More important, with the enemy largely neutralized, the battalion could focus on building local security and developing Afghan security forces. This approach is the bedrock of counterinsurgency warfare, which is designed to allow the United States to remove most combat troops by the end of 2014.
Snipers have quietly emerged as one of the most effective but least understood weapons in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Advancements in technology and training have made them deadlier than in any previous generation. Their ability to deliver accurate shots minimizes collateral damage — a key factor in counterinsurgency — and they are often more effective than much ballyhooed drones at secretly collecting intelligence.

Click the link to read the rest. The related multimedia presentation and photos are worth visiting, too.

Looks Like Ingalls Shipbuilding... selling pre-rusted warships to the Coast Guard.

I guess it's sort of like buying pre-ripped jeans for the "cool" factor.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Musical Interlude

Music composed by Hans Zimmer for the movie The Thin Red Line:

The BBQ Sauces of the Democrat National Convention

The winners have been chosen.

The Democratic National Convention in Charlotte now has three official barbecue sauces.

The local convention host committee on Monday announced the winners of its “Taste of the Carolinas” barbecue sauce competition.

The winners are:

• Dan Huntley, aka “Dan the Pig Man,” with Pig Pucker BBQ of Charlotte for the mustard-based sauce

• Mark Cieslikowski with Q2U Catering and BBQ Pit of Lake Wylie, S.C., in the vinegar-based category

• Tom Montgomery and Sabra Kelley with 12 Bones Smokehouse of Asheville, N.C., for the tomato-based sauce.

I've eaten at Q2U, it has good BBQ. I'm guessing that Asheville's 12 Bones won because it's a favorite restaurant of President Obama's.


Then They Told Her It Was Raining

In Pennsylvania, a judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit brought by a woman who claims that she was urinated on by state troopers while restrained.

Tell 'em, Fletcher:

h/t Amy Alkon.

Take Your Soylent Pink, Dear

The Chinese are making dead babies into capsules to be sold as medicine in South Korea, reportedly.

Generally Oriental remedies involve killing endangered species in order to make a Chinaman's dick hard - - powdered rhinoceros horn immediately comes to mind. Wouldn't surprise me at all to find out that they do the same with dead babies.

Monday, May 07, 2012

A Planet Overrun By Hogs?

Looking that way.

PRINCETON Oklahoma just called in the GPS-equipped Judas pigs, which lead hunters to their unsuspecting friends. Texans started gunning down wild hogs from helicopters last year. South Carolina legislators have drafted a bill that allows hunting with night-vision devices.

And last week, wildlife officials in North Carolina endorsed hunting wild pigs after dark without a license. That’s on top of a $5,000-per-pig fine approved last year to prevent hunters from transporting wild hogs and a nuisance designation that made feral swine easier to hunt or trap.

Much of the nation is now losing a brutal, few-holds-barred war with an exploding population of millions of feral hogs, and North Carolina is on the front line, with acres of field crops and delicate wildlife habitat being destroyed daily and the $1.5 billion pork industry at risk. Scientists say all the new laws popping up around the country aren’t likely to stop the expansion of the pig population that’s chomping and rooting up pretty much everything in its path.

You know there's a problem when a government basically declares "open season" on a species. It's us or the pigs, apparently. Good thing that Americans like pork.

Luckily the Robber Was Feeling Charitable...

...otherwise he'd have tied the pizza driver to a tree and made him squeal like a pig.

A robber whose face was partially covered with a red bandana forced a pizza delivery guy to take off his pants and shoes and run through the woods near Third and Marstellar streets Sunday night, police said.

Detectives are seeking the assailant, described by the victim as a 6-feet, 1-inch tall man wearing the bandana and baggy pants.

The 21-year-old delivery driver was called to an address in the 300 block of Marstellar Street about 9:49 p.m. Sunday. But when he arrived, he encountered the robber standing at the front of the residence. The assailant pointed a black semi-automatic handgun at the driver’s head and ordered him to strip down, police said. Then the robber took the driver’s cash and told him to run.

The driver fled, running through the woods in the 1200 block of Third Street. Once he got a distance away, he called 911.

You notice that they provide a better description of the gun the robber carried than the robber himself?

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Self-Defense With Shotgun

Down at Edisto Island, SC:

An Edisto Island man awoke to find a stranger with a machete in his Clark Road home early Wednesday morning, and then held the man at shotgun-point until police arrived, a Charleston County Sheriff’s Office report said.

That sort of situation happens far more often than righteous lethal shootings do, yet these statistics aren't taken into consideration when gun control is debated, at least not by the gun grabbers. They'll tell you that you're better off disarmed, because the trespasser/criminal will just take your weapon and use it against you. Or you'll just shoot your own family up, unable to control your lethal impulses.

Can anyone say projection?

Quote of the Day

"So, get this...a cypher president, with no real history, raised by Communists, opens his re-election campaign of statism by decree on Karl Marx's birthday, using a cradle-to-grave message of government dependency via a web slide show whose character 'Julia' mirrors 'Julia' in Orwell's dystopian novel '1984.'"

Found at today's Day By Day cartoon.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

"Yogurt Diet Leads To 'Swaggering' Mice With Larger Testicles."

I Guess I'd Swagger Too. Or Stagger.

h/t Weasel Zippers.

Headline of the Day

"A man and his monkey pulled over in Florida."

LARGO, Fla. A Florida man is charged with felony drunken driving and wildlife violations after police discovered a small monkey in his truck.

Largo Police say Eugene Carl Kotelman was speeding when they stopped him Thursday. He was driving on a suspended license and had been previously charged numerous times with driving on a suspended license and DUI.

Right turn, Clyde:

Friday, May 04, 2012

Doubtless He's Been Thinking "I Told You So."

John Derbyshire, that is. He has to be watching the news about the Norfolk racial beatings and nodding to himself. Prophets, as always, never receive much in the way of recognition or thanks for their prophecies.

Would You Really Like To Get Away From It All?

How about a stay at the Frying Pan Shoals Light Bed & Breakfast?

Purchased from the Coast Guard a year or so ago for $85,000, it's currently being repaired/renovated/prepared for its new role as a place to relax and enjoy the Atlantic Ocean near Wilmington, North Carolina. It's getting national attention, with Time magazine doing a feature story, and CBS interested in filming it in the near future.

Pic of the facility, along with its new owner, Richard Neal:

This is the sort of fantasy getaway I'd purchase with lottery winnings.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Rest In Peace, Little Marine

Boy made honorary Marine before death.

FLORA, Ind. (WLFI) - 12-year-old Cody Green has always admired the strength and courage of the marines. At 12:35 Saturday afternoon, it was the Marines admiring the strength and courage of Cody.

Cody had leukemia since he was 22 months old, but beat the disease three times. Although he was cancer-free, the chemotherapy lowered his immune system and Saturday afternoon, he died from a fungus that attacked his brain. Members of the Marines decided to step in and do something.

"They decided Cody, with the strength and honor and courage he showed through the whole thing, he should be a Marine," said Cody's father David Snowberger.

Cody was given Marine navigator wings and was made an honorary member of the United States Marine Corps. For one Marine, that wasn't enough, so he did even more.

"The night before Cody passed, he stood guard at Cody's door at the hospital all night long for eight hours straight," said Snowberger.

Damn. I Have something in my eye.

h/t Weasel Zippers.

Raleigh's Lost Colony Shown On Map?

Maybe. Drawn in invisible ink:

Under normal light:

And under ultraviolet light, illuminated from underneath:

They'll be doing archaeological work to verify if the map's marking correspond to buried relics of the colony.

You Want To See Blood? Violence? Mayhem?

Here ya go:

h/t Le Loup at A Woodsrunner's Diary.


That's the number of Largemouth Bass that H. Reid Jones of Raleigh, NC, has caught in the last 37 years.

H. Reid Jones of Raleigh made an entry in his fishing diary 37 years ago about the largemouth bass he caught that day.

He’s still making entries. Each of the 6,693 fishing trip since, Jones, 77, has written about that day’s catch. There is a notation for every largemouth he has caught – all 110,071.

“I started writing them down just for the heck of it,” Jones said. “There were all these tournaments with all that competitiveness and I just didn’t think that was what bass fishing was about. I just started keeping up with what I had done.”

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Watch by Mr. Jones, The Accurate:

Don't know if you can see the hands of the watch closely; if you can't, then the hour hand includes the word Remember and the minute hand includes the words You Will Die. Here's the description that goes along with the watch literature:

This is the most accurate wristwatch you can buy - the hour hand reads 'remember', the minute hand 'you will die'.

The dial and rim of the glass are mirrored, so the wearer is reflected in the watch face (so there is no ambiguity about who the message is aimed at!) The Accurate is a link to the tradition of the memento mori - an object designed to remind us that life is brief and that we should seize the moment while we are here.

The watch comes in a MJW presentation box with a specially commissioned illustration by Nadine Faye-James. Inside the box you'll find the guarantee card - each watch is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase against any original manufacturing defect.

Yah, it's a bit weird, and perhaps more than a bit morbid. So am I.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Yer Lemons Into Lemonade Story of the Day

When a vicious dog was causing problems in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana, a warden at the local prison saw an opportunity.

Deputy Warden Bruce Dodd said prison officials read about the dog and decided he could have a productive life guarding the perimeter of the 18,000-acre prison farm at Angola.

Where his viciousness will be truly appreciated.

Well, Since the MSM Won't Inquire... anonymous website will.

You've failed, media.

You've had over three years to vet President Barack Obama. Yet in three years in office and over a year of campaigning beforehand, you have either been oddly uninterested or purposefully ignorant of Barack Obama's educational history. You were, however, quite interested in George Bush's transcripts.

This uncharacteristic absence of curiosity about an American president alarms us. At $15 trillion, our nation's debt is the highest it has ever been - and it keeps growing. We're not convinced that Barack is as smart as you media elitists keep insisting he is.

We therefore offer in reward $10,000 to anyone who provides the college transcripts of President Barack Obama. Occidental, Harvard, Columbia...any would represent more intellectual curiosity about the leader of the free world than the media has demonstrated since Obama won the Democrat primary.

So...think the money is enough to get the President's mysterious transcripts out into the open?

h/t Weasel Zippers.

Don't Go In...

...the water ain't fine.

Why jumping into Wilmington, North Carolina's Cape Fear to be feared.

I really don't have a lot of experience with large rivers. I lived on a lake in my youth in Florida, and it was a big lake, but we don't have large rivers in the state, save for the St. John's. Most of the rest are fairly small, as rivers go.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Or Else What?

"Native American group: Elizabeth Warren ‘better be able to defend’ ancestry claim."

Or else what? Will they scalp her? Stake her to an anthill? Tie her to a stake and shoot her with flaming slivers of pitch-pine? Bury her in the sand with only her head exposed and her eyelids cut off? Make her run the gauntlet, รก la John Colter? Eat her liver?

Man, I grew up reading and watching too many Westerns.