Saturday, August 31, 2013

Indoctrination Chronicles #4

Down in Paducah, Kentucky, kids at the McCracken County High School were indoctrinated into the proper leftist meaning of patriotism and respect for the flag:

Yes, that's the flag lying on the floor, along with a stand and notebook that allows the lil' chirrens to record how standing on their country's flag makes them "feel." I have to guess that most traditionally-raised Americans would feel like Wesley in this scene from The Princess Bride:

Reading further down in the story the "teacher" involved in the flag desecration expresses regret that she was caught that she didn't have tenure that she made such an error in judgment. Yah, right.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Let's Paraphrase Heinlein, Shall We?

"Watched Cops are Polite Cops."

Heinlein is, of course, famous for coining the expression "An armed society is a polite society." And long before Heinlein, there was the Latin poet Juvenal, who coined the phrase Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Who watches the watchmen?)

The camera does. Objectively and dispassionately.

Biden To Visit Charleston, Savannah


Rumors that the Vice President is on a fact-finding mission for President Obama to determine whether Charleston, Savannah and Jacksonville actually are on the Gulf Coast went unconfirmed as of this writing.

Headline of the Day

"'Black Jesus' murder: Leader of 6,000-strong cannibal rape cult hacked to death by villagers in Papua New Guinea jungle after killing yet again."

"Stephen Tari called himself 'the true Christ' and had previously been accused of raping, murdering and eating young girls."

Well, that one will be hard to top.

What Was It That Wayne LaPierre Said?

"The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."

In this case, the good guy was a convenience store clerk. Since the neighborhood involved is Hidden Valley, I'll presume that the dead dude was a Usual Suspect.

That Didn't Take Long

Historic Fort Monroe, occupied by the US Army until last year, is already being vandalized by thieves in search of copper.

Pic of the old fort:

What a damned shame. I used to love visiting the fort during my Navy years in Norfolk, and I got to see it again just a few years ago, on a vacation trip.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Distillery Opening In Downtown Charleston, SC

High Wire Distilling Co.

The Rhum Agricole (a sugar cane product popular in the French West Indies, particularly Martinique and Haiti) sounds particularly appealing.

Big Boy

Anole, about 7" long from tip of nose to tip of tail.

White Guy Goes Berserk, Kills Coons

Those fucking animals killed his beloved cat.

h/t Ann Althouse.

Volcano Blog: Volcano Photographer Martin Rietze

Travelling the world photographing volcanoes in eruption.

Sample pic:

Dangerous work, although it appears that Rietze is much more careful around the most dangerous types of volcanoes, those that explode violently and produce pyroclastic flows (an avalanche of superheated ash that burns all in its path, such as happened at Pompeii and St. Pierre, Martinique). A pyroclastic flow was responsible for the deaths of volcano photographers Maurice and Katia Krafft in Japan in 1991.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I Guess They Judged Him On the Content of His Character...

...and not the color of his skin.

The only black US Senator was not invited to the Martin Luther King, Jr., March On Washington anniversary because he's a Republican.

New BBQ Restaurant Coming To Charlotte

Dickey's Barbecue Pit, apparently a Texas chain with several NC locations already. Going into the Ballantyne area, so no excessive driving involved.

h/t Barbecue Brothers.

Six Free Bites

Down in Spartanburg, SC, a serial domestic abuser has finally gotten some jail time - - after the seventh instance of abuse.

Ya know, vicious dogs typically get "one free bite," after that they are euthanized. Might be a good policy to apply to our Usual Suspect™ here. It would definitely increase the supply of donor organs available.

And he'll be out in a year. His woman's bruises will have barely healed and he'll be right back doing the same thing. Bet on it.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Yet Another Murder By One Of Obama's Sons

99-year-old Fannie Gumbinger won't make it to the century mark.

I wonder if the law enforcement agencies and the MSM will team up yet again to declare this yet another "random" murder with no racial overtones?

Jesus wept.

The Daughter of Jesus Chooses To Stand Mute

Which is how she identified herself to sheriff's deputies in Hawthorne, Florida, after stabbing a man to death.

The deputies used a K-9 dog to make her submit:

Deputies arrived and called for Dallas to come out, but she stayed seated on a bed in the rear bedroom with her arms folded. Using a shield marked “SHERIFF,’’ deputies went into the house and told her to come out or they would send in the police dog.

She didn’t, and they did.

LOL. I like this reporter's writing style.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Meanwhile, In Gainesville, Florida...

...One of Obama's Sons™ opened fire on four movie-goers outside a theater simply because they tripped him, he claimed.

There you see the mindset difference between the law-abiding gun owner who acquires a concealed handgun permit and the Usual Suspects™: the law-abiding citizen goes to the trouble of taking classes and learning about what is and is not a legitimate scenario for using his/her gun; the Usual Suspect™ does not; indeed, the Usual Suspect™ is very often a felon forbidden to own a handgun because of previous acts of violence. Lower mean IQ in the Usual Suspect™ result in poor decision-making skills and poor impulse control. You won't find any NRA instructor who teaches that it is acceptable practice to shoot someone simply because they trip you, either intentionally or unintentionally. Indeed, it's what distinguishes adult behavior from the behavior of a child.

Meanwhile, In UK...

...the police are once again arresting law-abiding citizens simply for having the temerity to defend their businesses against burglars.

A businessman who confronted a burglar raiding his premises appeared in court yesterday accused of attacking him. Andrew Woodhouse, 43, was chasing thieves off his property when he claims one of them 'came at' him with a wooden stick.

Father-of-five Woodhouse allegedly used the stick to injure the man's legs before holding him down while his wife called the police.

But when officers arrived they arrested Woodhouse and held him in a cell for 18 hours.

He appeared at Newport Crown Court yesterday charged with grievous bodily harm with intent which has a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

In the US, of course, Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws prevent this sort of gross injustice by police, even were they inclined to view the law-abiding and criminals as morally equivalent, as UK seems to do. Indeed, it's only a matter of time until UK criminals form unions to better protect their interests against evil law-abiding citizens.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Three Distended Stomachs

Those would be the stomachs of myself, sister and dog. I cooked a pot roast in the slow cooker today, a little 2.5 lb. roast made to a recipe I found on the internet - - the other three ingredients being a can of cream of mushroom soup, a packet of onion soup mix, and water. The result was quite tasty, if it didn't quite match what my late mother was capable of. The roast was sized perfectly for a tiny family such as ours.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hey, Mr. President?

Do these three look like sons of yours?

Liberal Bias? Don't Be Silly...

...It's just a "cosmopolitan outlook."

New York Times executive editor coins a new euphemism.

The Wildwood Men...

...and the Wildwood Weed:

Three men were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana late Saturday night after the driver of the car they were in led Marion County Sheriff's Office deputies on a high-speed chase.

You know exactly where this is going, right?

Jim Stafford is an old Florida boy himself, by the way.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Reindeer Police

Well, I bet you click through to this one.

I had no idea that such a police force existed.

Unprepared, But Still a Hero

He saved two senior citizens from an attack by dogs.

He had to do it bare-handed, though:

After a long hot day of work for York County’s road maintenance department, Tim Walling was beat.

He was driving home at about 6:30 p.m., turning on to India Hook Road, when he saw a pair of dogs attacking two people.

A bunch of other drivers saw it too. They must have. It happened on the sidewalk and in a parking lot of an apartment complex on a busy city street, near an intersection with other busy city streets.

The man being attacked by the dogs, Andrew Jorgensen, 78, has had a triple-bypass heart operation and has an artificial knee.

His wife, Thelma “Tee” Carlile, 68, is being treated for angina, heart pains.

But Walling did not know any of that as he drove past the scene. All he heard was a woman screaming, terrified, as she held two little dogs, Rosie and Daisy, in her arms.

Walling, 46, did not do nothing, as all those other drivers did. He made an immediate U-turn, pulled his truck up on the sidewalk, and lunged out to help.

He had no stick or pole, no knife or gun. All he had to protect these two strangers was his body and his guts.

No tire lug wrench in the trunk of the car? Come on, now. For any of you reading this, do you have a basic tool or survival kit somewhere in your car? Maybe with a folding shovel for snow or sand or mud? A staff, if you're a hiker? Maybe a machete for chopping brush? These aren't expensive, and don't take up much space. The best solution for pit bulls is a gun, of course, but not everyone wants to invest the time and money to acquire a concealed carry license, and some folks aren't willing to leave a gun such as an old shotgun or .22 rifle in the trunk of their car for fear of theft. Any tool is better than no tool, though. Even a screwdriver is enough to fend off a dog attack.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Favorite Scene From Favorite Movie

Wyatt Earp (Kevin Costner) meets Doc Holliday (Dennis Quaid) for the first time, from the movie Wyatt Earp:

That bit with the whiskey bottle was masterly. Watch Doc's eyes narrow when he sees how fast Wyatt's reflexes are; then, realizing Wyatt doesn't represent a threat to him, he smiles, amused by it.

Here's a bonus scene from later in the movie:

Meanwhile, In Stockholm...

...where the State is apparently required to pimp your cat...

Officials with Sweden's Enforcement Agency said the department helped a woman find a male mate for her cat in heat.

The agency said the Stockholm woman told authorities she had a contact with the owners of a tomcat named Ove to have the male feline mate with her own pet, which she said is in heat and will urinate on the walls if a mate is not found in a timely fashion, Swedish news agency TT reported Wednesday.

The woman said Ove's owners were attempting to back out of the deal.

"It's not so unusual for us to make these kinds of decisions," Caroline Riderstal, the Enforcement Agency supervisor for the case, told The

"We came to a decision on a contract basis and such instances crop up from time to time -- it can be about anything at all. If something needs to be moved, then it can be something we work with. The owner wants action and that's why she left the case in to us," Riderstal said.

Riderstal said the agency has ensured Ove's owners will allow him to breed with the woman's cat.

Yer Survival Advice of the Day

Even if you cut the head off a venomous snake, it can still bite you:

Found here.

Clean-Up In Aisle Three, Please

The God-King went off TelePrompTer again.

In an effort to stop military lawyers from using comments by President Obama to prevent sexual assault prosecutions, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has sent out a directive ordering the military to exercise independent judgment in the cases and effectively ignore the president’s remarks.

“There are no expected or required dispositions, outcomes or sentences in any military justice case, other than what result from the individual facts and merits of a case and the application to the case of the fundamentals of due process of law,” Mr. Hagel wrote in a memorandum dated Aug. 6 that is to be disseminated throughout the military.

Since May, when Mr. Obama said at the White House that sexual offenders in the military ought to be “prosecuted, stripped of their positions, court-martialed, fired, dishonorably discharged,” lawyers in dozens of assault cases have argued that Mr. Obama’s words as commander in chief amounted to “unlawful command influence,” tainting trials and creating unfair circumstances for clients as a result.

Their motions have had some success. At Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina in June, a judge dismissed charges of sexual assault against an Army officer, noting the command influence issue. In Hawaii, a Navy judge ruled last month that two defendants in sexual assault cases, if found guilty, could not be punitively discharged because of Mr. Obama’s remarks.

Monday, August 12, 2013

"Angel Priest" Identified

Follow-up to this post of mine.

The mysterious Catholic priest who showed up at an accident scene, gave comfort to the sick, and then vanished, has stepped forward and identified himself.

The mystery priest who recently showed up at a crash site, anointed a victim and then vanished has been identified — and he came forward by posting his identity in the comments section of a Catholic news site. The story began on Aug. 4, after Aaron Smith, 26, struck Katie Lentz, 19, in a head-on car crash. In the days that followed, the tale of a faith leader who disappeared went viral.

But now the individual, who brought calm upon the situation and who rescue workers have been hoping to find and thank, has been found. A press release provided to TheBlaze from the Diocese of Jefferson County confirmed that the Rev. Patrick Dowling, one of the priests who works with the diocese, is the individual whom they have been seeking.

Click the link to read the rest. Father Dowling revealed himself as the priest in question in a comment at the National Catholic Register.

Ixnay On the Essiahmay

In Tennessee, a judge changed a boy's name from Messiah to Martin.

He might get a complex and end up crucified, otherwise.

Spock's Brain Was Not Available For Comment

"The Barren Wombs of Smart Women."

The writer's thesis is that the higher the IQ of a woman, the less likely she is to want children:

Western sophisticates claim that the world already has enough people, and many tend to see it as a matter of conscience to not breed. The problem is that hordes of Third Worlders suffer no such ethical qualms. Paradoxically, the pampered First World utopian ideal that the world should be intelligent, sustainable, and filled only with children who are wanted could backfire and create a planet crammed almost exclusively with emotionally, financially, and intellectually deprived Third World bastards.

This wasn’t the case before feminism came along to empower women and free them from childbearing’s oppressive shackles. It wasn’t the case until Big Brother morphed into Big Daddy and financially penalized the intelligent for reproducing as it gave handouts that encouraged cretins to spawn. It wasn’t the case during the Victorian Era, when it wasn’t considered so déclassé for wealthy and intelligent women to have children and when it’s estimated that the mean Western IQ was nearly 14 points higher than it is now.

That was, of course, the reasoning behind the Star Trek episode "Spock's Brain," in which a planet of cretins needed intelligent guidance, and Spock was chosen as the lucky donor of a sufficiently intelligent brain.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Meanwhile, In Raleigh, NC...

a armed home invader confronts an armed homeowner...and loses.

The deceased goblin would appear to be a usual suspect™.

I'm also thinking of changing my nomenclature here at The Drawn Cutlass a little bit, because "usual suspect™" might be a bit insensitive and biased. How does "Son of Obama" sound? Let me know in the poll below.

What Should Bob Call African-American Criminals? free polls 

SC Police Capture Redneck Ninja

Apparently the ninja's disconnected cell phone auto-dialed 911.

The officer noticed that Shuler was carrying a large walking stick and what appeared to be a knife in his back pocket, the report states. Police found another pocket knife in his front pocket and concealed pipes measuring seven inches and four inches long.

The pipes had pieces of cord attached to them and the police initially mistook them for improvised batons, according to the report. Inside one of the pipes police found a shell and buck shot.

Police discovered the pipes were actually improvised shotguns, and Shuler was charged with unlawfully carrying the firearms.

Officers also found a razor blade hidden in Shuler’s phone case and a needle in the bill of his hat.

So: A cane or staff, two home-made shotguns, two knives, a razor blade and a needle. It's possible that the shotguns will get the guy charged under the 1934 National Firearms Act, a federal offense.

Remember Heinlein's First Published Story?

Life-Line, about a machine that is able to determine a human's life-span?

Looks like Heinlein's machine has become a reality:

Scientists have designed a ‘death test’ which can tell you how long you are going to live. The non-invasive laser test is able to determine when a person is going to die and is the first of its kind in the world. A wristwatch-style device analyses the body's endothelial cells through the surface of the skin, measuring how the body will decline with age.

Click the link to read the rest.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Wound Healing With Bee Vomit


A new honey has been produced that has had ‘amazing’ results treating wounds and infections.

The bio-engineered product Surgihoney was tested on babies, new mothers, cancer patients and the elderly for over a year in Hampshire hospitals.

Wounds and ulcers, including those infected with the superbug MRSA, healed within days, while the number of women who suffered infections after giving birth by caesarean section has halved.

It has also healed the wounds of soldiers returning from Afghanistan, and been used to treat acne and to protect the skin of cancer patients fitted with a catheter for chemotherapy.

Dr Matthew Dryden, consultant microbiologist at the Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: ‘It will revolutionise wound care around the world.’

Honey has been used for its healing powers for thousands of years, although doctors favour penicillin and antibiotics.

Lord knows we need knew solutions, since we've over-used antibiotics to the point where most of them don't work any more.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Former Marine Discovers Cure For Criminal Recidivism

It involves eight inches of filet knife, applied under the rib cage of the subject criminal.

Chicago police said a 44-year-old former Marine used a knife to kill a man who had broken into his garage.

Mark Hayes said an alarm went off in his garage at 3:30 a.m.

When he went to check the garage, he was approached by the the intruder, who attempted to attack him with a hammer, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Hayes fought back with a fillet knife, and stabbed the intruder under his ribcage. The man began bleeding profusely.

The intruder ran and jumped into the car, and went to Roseland Hospital, where he was identified as Harold Cornell, 52.

Cornell died at the hospital at 3:44 a.m., the Tribune reported.

He had more than 25 arrests on his record since 1985, including theft, criminal trespassing and domestic battery.

I like how UPI uses proper nomenclature: former Marine, not ex-Marine.

Rand Paul Finds a Drone He Approves Of

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Remember Ronald Reagan's "Welfare Queen?"

This might be her granddaughter:

The drunken-driving suspect who police say ran a Boston Globe delivery truck off the highway and forced it into a 40-foot free fall onto the Leverett Connector — then threatened to put a voodoo curse on the cop who arrested her — remained locked up on bail yesterday.

Vivencia Bellegarde, 25 — who is also under investigation by state officials after cops found her carrying two other people’s EBT cards — was being held on $10,000 bail yesterday, according to Peter Van Delft, a spokesman for the Suffolk sheriff’s department.

The Herald reported yesterday that Bellegarde threatened to cast a voodoo curse on the state trooper who busted her early Monday after the terrifying crash on northbound Interstate 93 that put driver Paul Healy Jr., 35, in the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. When trooper William Kokocinski asked her why she had two other EBT cards, he wrote in his report, the Cadillac-­driving Bellegarde called him a “dumb (expletive) for paying for food when she gets it for free.”

I basically just wanted this story on my blog so I can refer back to it in future arguments.

Someone Up There Hates Him?

A fisherman who lost a two-pound chunk of his leg to a shark says the ordeal is only his latest encounter with the natural world - after being hit by lightning, bitten by a rattlesnake and punched by monkeys.

They Took Everything He Had...

...until all he had left was his pride, and his anger. And his guns.

The father of Rockne Newell, who murdered the town officials in a Pennsylvania town who he thought responsible for ruining his life, speaks of his son.

Most people can handle life's hardships. Some can't; when they can't, most will turn the anger inward, and commit suicide. Some few turn the anger outward, and kill those they think responsible.

I'm not saying here that I excuse what Rockne Newell did; I am saying that I can understand him, and his anger.

Priest Mysteriously Appears, Anoints the Sick, Mysteriously Vanishes

Who was he? Where did he come from, and where did he go?

Emergency workers and community members in eastern Missouri are not sure what to make of a mystery priest who showed up at a critical accident scene Sunday morning and whose prayer seemed to change life-threatening events for the positive.

Even odder, the black-garbed priest does not appear in any of the nearly 70 photos of the scene of the accident in which a 19-year-old girl almost died. No one knows the priest and he vanished without a word, said Raymond Reed, fire chief of New London, Mo.

Carla Churchill Lentz, mother of the teen who was critically injured, said emergency workers have told her there is no way her daughter should have lived inside such a mangled car. Of the priest, she said, "I do believe he certainly could have been an angel dressed in priest's attire because the Bible tells us there are angels among us."

The scene unfolded Sunday morning. Katie Lentz, a sophomore at Tulane University, was driving from her parents' home in Quincy, Ill., to Jefferson City, Mo., where she has a summer internship and planned to attend church with friends. The Mercedes she was driving collided with another vehicle on a highway near Center, Mo. The accident crushed Lentz's vehicle into a ball of sheet metal that lay on the driver's side, Reed said.

Reed's team and emergency workers from several other jurisdictions tried for at least 45 minutes to remove the twisted metal from around Lentz. Various pieces of equipment broke and the team was running out of choices. A helicopter waited to carry Lentz to the nearest trauma center. Though Lentz appeared calm, talking about her church and her studies toward a dentistry degree, her vital signs were beginning to fail, Reed said.

"I was pulled off to the side by one of the members of the" helicopter evacuation team, Reed said. "He expressed to me that we were out of time. Her condition looked grim for her coming out of that vehicle alive. She was facing major problems."

At that point, Reed's team agreed to take the life-threatening chance of sitting the vehicle upright so that Lentz could be removed from it. This is dangerous because a sudden change in pressure to the body can be critical, he said.

That's when Lentz asked if someone would pray with her and a voice said, "I will."

The silver-haired priest in his 50s or 60s in black pants, black shirt and black collar with visible white insert stepped forward from nowhere. It struck Reed as odd because the street was blocked off 2 miles from the scene and no one from the nearby communities recognized him.

"We're all local people from four different towns," Reed said. "We've only got one Catholic church out of three towns and it wasn't their priest."

Reed and the other emergency workers were on their knees. The priest of about medium build, maybe 6-feet-tall, stood above them.

"This priest approached Katie and began to pray openly with her," Reed said. "He had a bottle of anointing oil with him and he used that."

Another firefighter who had been watching said it appeared as if the priest also sprinkled Reed and two other emergency workers nearby with oil.

Everything happened quickly after that. Twenty emergency workers pulled together and sat the car upright, Churchill Lentz said. Katie Lentz's vital signs improved and a rescue team from a neighboring community suddenly appeared with fresh equipment and tools. Lentz was removed and rushed to the hospital.

With Lentz gone, the rescue team prepared to clean up, Reed said.

"We all go back to thank this priest and he's gone," he said.

Initially, they assumed he had to get to his home church to lead Sunday services. But then they looked at their photos of the scene.

"I have 69 photographs that were taken from minutes after that accident happened — bystanders, the extrication, our final cleanup — and he's not in them," Reed said. "All we want to do is thank him."

Who is he, this mystery priest? Where did he come from? Where did he go?

Certain evangelicals will tell you that only one man ever born of woman was exactly six feet tall:

"Now wait, John, that's just foolish for the lack of sense. Ain't no mortal man on this earth exactly six feet tall."

"I'm saying what the stranger said."

"But the only one who was exactly six feet—"

"Hold your tater while I tell about it."


"Troy," said Mr. Absalom, "I'm just as glad as you are about all this. But don't credit me with that bridge-idea. This carpenter here, he thought it up."

"And now I'll be going," spoke up the carpenter in his gentle way.

They both looked on him. He'd hoisted his tool chest up on his shoulder again, and he smiled at them, and down at Little Anse. He put his hand on Little Anse's head, just half a second long.

"Fling away those crutches," he said. "You don't need them now."

All at once, Little Anse flung the crutches away, left and right. He stood up straight and strong. Fast as any boy ever ran on this earth, he ran to his daddy.

The carpenter was gone. The place he'd been at was empty.

But, looking where he'd been, they weren't frightened, the way they'd be at a haunt or devil-thing. Because they all of a sudden all three knew Who the carpenter was and how He's always with us, the way He promised in the far-back times; and how He'll do ary sort of job, if it can bring peace on earth and good will to men, among nations or just among neighbors.

It was Little Anse who remembered the whole chorus of the song—

"Shoo, John, I know that song! We sung it last night at church for Christmas Eve!"

"I know it too, John!"

"Me! Me too!"

"All right then, why don't you children join in and help me sing it?"

Go tell it on the mountain,
Tell it on the hills and everywhere,
Go tell it on the mountain
That Jesus Christ was born!

(You can read the rest of this fine Silver John story by Manly Wade Wellman here.)

Probably sometime in the next couple of days there'll be a follow-up to this story, identifying the priest and why he so suddenly appeared and so suddely vanished. But you know what? I hope not.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Dying Beauty

Outside, just now, when I went to bring the garbage bin back down from the street:

Our President, the Harvard Law Graduate...

...who apparently couldn't pass elementary school US geography.

Unless they didn't teach it in Kenya - - er, Indonesia - - er, uh... Hawaii...

Dwelling Under London's Streets, It's...


The latest Twitter/Facebook sensation. Can a reality show be far behind?

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Criminal Mischief With Buttered Toast

Down in Union, South Carolina.

Damage to the SUV was estimated at $1. A sheriff’s report did not mention a motive.

*shakes head sadly*

Monday, August 05, 2013

Life At Silver Springs

What life was like for a veteran employee of Florida's most famous pre-Disney tourist attraction.

Although I have pleasant memories of Silver Springs, and my exposure to Ross Allen's reptile show lighted my own interest in snakes, I have to admit a personal preference for the rival Rainbow Springs (both Rainbow and Silver Springs are now part of the Florida State Parks system).

If you're an old Florida native, you can visit this website to see the old tourist attractions of your youth, most now close for many years.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Follow-Up: Sara Lee, I Now Hate Your Pound Cake

Back in February I posted about my experience with the "new, improved" Sara Lee Pound Cake. Sara Lee had, apparently in response to a few complaints here and there down through the years, decided to change the recipe for the cake that had been in existence for nearly 50 years. Needless to say, the changes made the cake taste horrible, too me and to other people, as well.

I happened to have a desire for a Sara Lee Pound Cake the other day, and wondered if they had changed the recipe back, so did a google search on sara lee pound cake new recipe sucks and found this Facebook posting, in which Sara Lee apologizes for the recipe change and notes that they had gone back to the old recipe:

Sara Lee Desserts Maria and Patti: We wanted to be sure you heard the news! Due to demand from loyal customers like you, we're bringing back Sara Lee All Butter Pound Cake (both family and regular sizes). It'll be hitting store shelves over the next few months. If you have any questions, please let us know by calling 1-888-820-7100. Thanks!

So yesterday I went to the Harris Teeter and purchased a pound cake, and sure enough, it was the old recipe; needless to say, this morning the cake - - one of the large "family size" cakes - - is almost entirely consumed.

I'm glad Sara Lee saw the handwriting on the wall more quickly than Coca-Cola did back in the 1980's when they brought out New Coke.

Nutcase Follow-Up

That would be the case of the nutcase woman in Fort Mill, SC, that I first blogged about here.

She's in the news again:

A woman accused last week of confiscating guest IDs at a Fort Mill hotel and claiming to work with the Secret Service later called the same hotel’s manager five times and claimed to be an FBI agent, police say.

Now, the Charlotte woman’s face is featured on social media, and she’s been added to the list of accused criminals wanted by the York County Sheriff’s Office.

On July 25, deputies responded to the Clarion Hotel on Foothills Way near Carowinds when the hotel manager reported that Carma Leilani Ariel, 45, confiscated the IDs of several guests, although she had been asked not to return to the hotel, according to a York County Sheriff’s report.

I'm guessing that the York County Sheriff's Office came in for a lot of ridicule for letting the woman go on her way, unable to determine whether she actually was a federal agent. I'm also guessing that they didn't want to run her fingerprints to see if they matched to anyone in the database, even though she was committing crimes by impersonating a federal agent and collecting ID's from fellow guests. Looks like ass-covering time at the Sheriff's Office.

Stop Touching It

Not what you think.