Friday, January 31, 2014

They Cut Their Own Throats

Pat Buchanan explains how the GOP lost middle America.

At the Cold War’s end, the GOP reached a fork in the road. The determination of Middle Americans to preserve the country they grew up in, suddenly collided with the profit motive of Corporate America.

The Fortune 500 wanted to close factories in the USA and ship production abroad — where unions did not exist, regulations were light, taxes were low, and wages were a fraction of what they were here in America.

Corporate America was going global and wanted to be rid of its American work force, the best paid on earth, and replace it with cheap foreign labor.

While manufacturing sought to move production abroad, hotels, motels, bars, restaurants, farms and construction companies that could not move abroad also wanted to replace their expensive American workers.

Thanks to the Republican Party, Corporate America got it all.

Click the link to read the rest. I tend to agree with this, although I know it's not Approved Conservative Thought. But you know, when conservatives bash public employees' unions as being greedy and overpaid - - excuse me? Isn't that just envy? How is it any different than the envy that the leftist shows toward the rich? I don't get paid that much and work just as hard as *those people,* goes the thought, so I don't think they should be paid that much, either. You're guilty of the same envy as the Left - - rather than drag yourself UP, you'd rather see someone else dragged DOWN.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

What's Eels Got To Do With It?

In a Washington Post blog post about MSNBC and their habit of race-baiting, this incorrect usage popped up:

It is, of course, the mores/morays confusion. It's a common mistake among the semi-well educated. Mores (always spelled with an S) are defined as: the essential or characteristic customs and conventions of a community. Morays, on the other hand, are eels; and amoré is the Italian word for love.

(Once, when a journalist wrote of "sexual morays," I sent the link to Christopher Hitchens, and we traded verses of The Good Ship Venus in email:

The captain's lovely daughter
Liked swimming in the water
Delighted squeals came when some eels
Found her sexual quarters!

Here's a song to help you understand:

Was the Guy's Name Johnny Val Jean?

In Union, SC, Wal-Mart is not going to press charges against a man who stole a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk.

Knockout Game Thug Reveals His Defense: Self-Defense!

Bitches attacked him. Including the 78-year-old.

What's that you said, Billy?

Yer World-Class Irony of the Day


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day

I went in to work early yesterday, getting a room at the hotel to stay in so as to avoid the evening snowstorm. I'm here still, and will probably go home tomorrow morning, since most of the stuff that fell has already melted off of the roads.

Had some worrisome minutes this morning when it appeared that one of the hotel's two hot-water boilers had burst a pipe, and I was getting complaints of no hot water from the guests. I called the maintenance man to come in early, passed it down to my relief, and went up to my room and bed. It turned out that the boilers have a safety feature that causes them to dump their water when the temperature in the boilers gets too hot, and that is what occurred. Everything is fine with them now.

Update: The Crime In Charlotte Blog is reporting that there were 500+ accidents in the Charlotte area overnight; don't think that includes the ones from this morning.

Yer Lede Sentence of the Day

"After hearing that a cow allegedly rejected the advances of a man on trial for having sex with a sheep, a British jury was chided by the judge for laughing in the courtroom."

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Headline of the Day

"Pope's peace doves attacked by crow and seagull."

Click the link to see distressing photos. Or entertaining, depending on your viewpoint.

For What It's Worth...

...the top ten most and least Bible-minded US cities:

The most Bible-minded cities:

10. Knoxville, TN
9. Jackson, MS
8. Little Rock, AR
7. Greenville/Spartanburg,/SC/Asheville, NC
6. Charlotte, NC
5. Shreveport, LA
4. Springfield, MO
3. Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA
2. Birmingham, AL
1. Chattanooga, TN

And the least Bible-minded cities:

10. Portland, ME
9. Burlington, VT
8. Phoenix, AZ
7. Hartford/New Haven, CT
6. Buffalo, NY
5. Cedar Rapids, IA
4. San Francisco, CA
3. Boston, MA
2. Albany, NY
1. Providence, RI/ New Bedford, MA

You can click over to the link to read about how the study was done and what conclusions are drawn from it. In broad terms, the most Bible-minded cities tended to be small cities in the red states, and the least Bible-minded cities tended to be in large blue cities. Go figure.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Cue Up Bob Marley - - Or Eric Clapton

"North Carolina sheriff shoots his deputy during standoff with gunman."


Don't shoot me sheriff

Don't you know I am your deputy!

Don't shoot me sheriff

Don't you know I am your deputy...

Piers Morgan's Head To Explode In 3...2...1...

Hand guns should be legalised and licensed, Nigel Farage has said.

The Ukip [UK Independence Party - -Ed.] leader says the ban on the guns, which were made illegal in the wake of the Dunblaine shooting, was a "kneejerk" reaction and should be lifted.

Indoctrination Chronicles #11

In Dearbornistan, Michichan, an autistic boy was banned from bring his Bible to school.

Gee, I wonder if he'd be banned from bringing a Koran to school if he was Muslim?

Yer Wince-Inducing Headline of the Day

"Alabama jury awards farm worker $4M after accident left him with skinned genitals."

"Man's genitals became entangled in the drill of a post hole digger."

Ow ow ow ow!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Apologies For Light Posting

My apologies for the lack of posts, haven't seen anything that interests me all that much in the news. I've been pretty active on Facebook among my friends there.

Here's a photo of the interior of the church of the Trappist Monastery of the Holy Spirit, in Conyers, GA; from their website:

If any of you have read the travel classic Blue Highways by William Least Heat Moon, you'll perhaps recognize the name of the place, since Heat Moon stopped there on his perambulations around the US. One of the monks he met there, Brother Patrick, seems to be the monastery's baker now, unless another monk has the name Patrick. If it is the same Brother Patrick, he would be an old man now; no difficult feat for a monk, of course.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The African Queen Sails Again

The actual boat itself, now restored and again sailing the Nile.

If you're a fan of the old Bogart/Hepburn movie, or even the C.S. Forester novel on which it was based, it would be worth adding to a bucket list.

I Got Dem Ol' WWI Shell-Shock Toejam Blues Again Mama!

European fungus picked up in WWI trenches by soldiers found its way to Scotland, where it still exists a century later.

The fungus was discovered on the grounds of Craiglockhart Military Hospital, where shell-shocked soldiers were sent for psychological treatment; among these were two of the war's greatest poets, Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon.

UK novelist Pat Barker wrote a fine novel about Craiglockhart, Owen and Sassoon, and a fine movie was made from the novel, which few people seem to have seen; here's the scene in which Owen and Sassoon first meet, both of them patients at the hospital, sent there for treatment of shell-shock, which today we know as PTSD:

Saturday, January 18, 2014

That's How It Worked With My Sister, Too

"What Happened When North Carolina Slashed Unemployment Benefits? People Got Jobs…Weird."

Which was exactly what happened in my sister's case. While the benefits kept coming, she was content to sit at home and relax. When the benefits ran out, she quickly got motivated to get a job.

Restaurant Review: Dickey's BBQ Pit

This was at the location in Charlotte's Ballantyne suburb on John J. Delaney Drive. Dickey's is part of a Dallas, TX barbecue chain. They just opened this location three months ago. They're in a storefront:

That's a view of the back entrance, thru which I entered. I don't know what the front entrance looks like. I found a coupon offer in my email box back in December for Dickey's, pay $10 for a $20 coupon. I did so. Today I decided to redeem the coupon. Ordered a three-meat plate with two sides and a half-rack of ribs, which took up the whole $20 coupon and $6 on top of that. I picked pulled pork, sliced brisket and smoked turkey for the three meats, fries and mac 'n cheese for the sides. The food came on a metal tray with butcher paper, and included some sliced onions, dill pickles, and a cornbread roll that looked like a large pat of butter:

The food was, to put it mildly, shack-nasty. Only the turkey had much smoke flavor. The pulled pork had no flavor to speak of at all, the brisket was more like pot roast than barbecue, and the ribs had been cooked so long that they were dried out and hard, rather like jerky. The red tomato-based sauce was the most disgusting-tasting glop it has ever been my misfortune to taste. The fries were waffle fries, no different than you find at Chik-Fil-A. The mac 'n cheese was hot and freshly made, but the cheese it was made with seemed like it came out of a pump dispenser, much as you might use on nacho chips.

The restaurant was new and clean, and the service was good, with employees circulating regularly to refill drinks, etc. When the store manager/supervisor saw that I had not finished the ribs (they were that nasty), she was quite apologetic, offering both to refund my money and to get a substitute food for me to take home. I declined her offer politely, but give her points for not showing the usual restaurant apathy that you so often find these days.

I'll split the ratings on Dickey's BBQ Pit. I'll give the food a 1 on my 5-scale, and the service a 5. So - - the food is crap, but at least they dish it out quickly and apologize for it afterward. LOL.

Dickey's BBQ Pit website here.

Headline of the Day

"Nun gives birth to baby named after Pope."

*sigh* I know we're all sinners, but does the point have to be driven in quite so hard?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What About Those Over There, Then?

Another case of a species not being as "extinct" as first thought.

The smoothtooth blacktip shark isn't quite as extinct as scientists had believed it to be, say researchers who found one for sale in a Kuwait fish market. Further research in the region turned up another 47 specimens of the shark, though the only one previously known to scientists was a specimen brought back to the Vienna Museum in 1902 by a naturalist who had visited Yemen. The find "doesn’t necessarily mean the sharks are thriving and totally safe from being snuffed," notes Sarah Laskow at Grist, but "scientists maybe need to look a little harder before declaring a species extinct."

Ya think?

Once Upon a Time...

...they really did blow smoke up your ass.

A tobacco smoke enema kit. H/T David Codrea.

Hey, Could I Get Some Cheese Over Here With My Whine?

Dick Metcalf is beweeping his outcast state.*

*Shakespeare, Sonnet 29.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Remember the Guy In New Mexico...

...who was stopped by cops, who suspected him of carrying drugs inside his colon, which resulted in the man being x-rayed, digitally raped, forcibly enema'd, and finally given a forcible colonoscopy, only to find nothing?

The case has been settled with the county for $1.6m. There is still a lawsuit pending against the hospital involved.

All because some cops thought that the man "clenched his buttocks."

Man's Best Friend - - Marooned

And I mean "marooned" in its literal sense, as in abandoned on a desert island.

A casual act of cruelty can take a "village" of volunteers to mend. Take the case of a small beagle abandoned this fall on an Intracoastal Waterway island in New Hanover County. Jeannie Mintz, who is president of Saving Animals During Disasters, wrote about it.

Click the link to read the rest. The dog, a beagle, had been abandoned on a "spoil" island, i.e., an island made by dredging operations, and was starving. It took over a week to trap the dog, because it was so mistrusting of humans, an indication it had been abused. Now it's been adopted by a presumably loving owner.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ariel Sharon, 1928-2014: R.I.P.


Well, I guess we'll be treated to video of celebrating Palestinians for the next couple of days.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Poll of the Day

I'm contemplating a handgun purchase next weekend, and I'd like your input. I'm looking at a couple of Smith & Wesson J-Frames for concealed carry (I have to acquire my CCW, of course). Here are the two candidates:

The first contender is a brand-new model 642 Airweight without the internal lock:

The other possibility is a used first-model 49 Bodyguard:

Pro's and con's of each: the 642 is stainless steel and aluminum alloy, so no real issues of rusting/corrosion. It's also an Airweight, which makes it easy to carry and hard to shoot. The 49 is all steel construction, but is blued, so requires more care than the 642 does. It's heavier, also, so a little easier to handle as far as recoil is concerned.

The 642 is new construction - - MIM parts? The 49 is old-fashioned machined parts, with a pinned barrel. Both are available for the same price point, around $400. It's possible I could knock the price of the 49 down to $350 or so with negotiation, or possibly not.

So - - which would you choose? Feel free to make your case in comments.

Which J-Frame To Buy? free polls 

Well, That's Texas For You

A barbecue pitmaster working out of Bryan, Texas, adamantly refused to show his barbecue cookers to journalists for years, fearful that his main cooker, which had a metal steer head welded to the front, would lose him business with Texas A&M fans:

Talkin' 'Bout Them Swingin' Richards...

...out there in, er...Choctaw nation...

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Naval Base Rota In the News

Aegis cruisers to be based permanently in Rota, with the cruisers to provide anti-ballistic missile defense of the Mediterranean area.

Rota, which had been downsized over the last few decades, will boom again.

' It's a great duty station. I loved the three years I was there.

Don't Tell Chico How To Slice BBQ

Chico takes it personally.

JACKSONVILLE, Florida - Police say a man was killed after being struck in the head Saturday night at his own party. Joshua Andrew Heinz, 31, was hosting a party to watch the NFL playoffs at his house on the Southside. According to police, just before midnight, Heinz entered his kitchen and began arguing with a guest known only as "Chico," about how the BBQ was being cut.

Indoctrination Chronicles #10

"Jesus is not allowed in school."

Why yes, it did take place in California. That was sort of a rhee-torical question, wasn't it?

Monday, January 06, 2014

Wish It Wasn't In Snow Country

It's the bow of an old Great Lakes cargo ship, doing new duty as a cliffside home:

It served as a sort of yacht to Henry Ford, who designed much of the elegant interior. Click the link for more great photos. It's the perfect sort of home for someone who's into ships/the sea and doesn't want to own an actual boat or ship.

And a Side Order of Thighs, Please

The favorite joke food of every high school boy:

Sunday, January 05, 2014

The Story of "O" As Written By Tolstoy

"Woman rushed to hospital after painful THREE-HOUR orgasm."

The boyfriend just scrapes his toe on the ground, blushes slightly and says, "Ah, Hell, least I could do. Happens all the time." Then he winks.

Hmmm, I think you could re-write the lyrics to The Ballad of Gilligan's Island to suit this scenario...

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale

A tale of a fateful night

That started in a king-sized bed

And gave a girl a fright.

Her mate was a mighty loving man

His technique strong and sure

His girlfriend she set sail that night

On a three-hour tour, a THREE-HOUR TOUR!

The climax started getting rough

The tiny girl was tossed

If not for the courage of that lovin' man

The girl she would be lost, the girl she would be lost!

The girl came down in the bed of this hospital emergency room

With doctors, and nurses too

A rescue squad (with Jaws of Life)

No movie star, but

Newsmen and cameraman,

Here on Orgasm Aisle!

Friday, January 03, 2014

Meanwhile, In Indian Trail, NC...

...which is just a half hour's walk down the road, one of our town politicians got tired of elected life and wrote a resignation letter - - in Klingon, the language of a fictional race from Star Trek.

Mexican Carry And a Glock?

Always a mistake.

I'm just guessing that the gun involved was a Glock. Could have been a Springfield or other striker-fired pistol, just seems like it's always a Glock when these ND's occur. Guy must have really been fondling himself looking for his wallet to make the pistol fire.

On the downside, I bet that's one business that puts NO FIREARMS signs up tout de suite.

Musical Interlude: The Third Army March

First written and performed for General George S. Patton, Jr., and the Third Army during WWII, it was never recorded until November 6, 2013.

Here it is:

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Well Don't That Just Play Into Stereotypes?

Wal-Mart in China had to recall donkey meat that was actually fox meat.

Feel free to chip in with the usual jokes, "Fu woks his dog," etc. :)

Dubious Study With Dubious Conclusions

Study would seem to indicate a link between certain types of alcoholic beverages and voting tendencies.

The study seems to indicate that Democrats tend to drink "clear" or "white" liquors such as vodka or gin, while Republicans drink "colored" alcohols such as whiskies.

Click the link to read more and to see a chart.