Monday, August 24, 2015

I've Never Denied That Climate Change Occurs...

...I've just questioned how much of the change is mankind's fault.

In the sherry wine-making region of southern Spain (where I lived for three years), the grape harvest is coming sooner, and affecting the wine that results.

Suggestion For My Friends Upset By the Results of the 2015 Hugo Awards

If you are a fan of science fiction and are upset at the results of the 2015 Hugo Awards - - if you believe that the Sad Puppies were treated with contempt and despite - - then, the next time you wish to purchase a book by one of the SJW's who behaved in such a fashion, buy their book used instead of new, and deny them their book royalty. Amazon sells nearly all book titles used as well as new - - so why buy a John Scalzi, George "Rape-Rape" Martin, or Marko Kloos book new, when you can just as easily buy it used?

And, if you think this is a good idea, mention it on your own blog - - let the word go out that when writers treat their colleagues like dirt,that the fans notice it, and will take action.

Friday, August 21, 2015

I Coined a Phrase On Twitter Last Night.

Anchor Fetus.

My reasoning is that, in the current immigration fight, Democrats and the MSM (redundant, I know) profess to hate the term "anchor baby" as used to describe a baby birthed by an illegal alien woman for purposes of "anchoring" her family onto US soil (and benefits). And, of course, Democrats when speaking of abortion never use the term baby, preferring to call it a fetus. Thus, the anchor fetus. A way to describe a child born on US soil to the mother of an illegal alien, phrased in a way that a Democrat should approve of.

I used the term several times last night in various Twitter conversations, one of them being in response to radio host Mark Levin, and hey presto!


(and yes, I did do a Google search to see if the term was in use prior to my Tweets last night: nope).

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


My old Asus Eeee Machine netbook finally kicked the bucket at the end of last week, I ordered a replacement/upgrade from Amazon; an Acer Chromebook:

A little longer and thinner than the old netbook, lighter, and possibly more fragile. We'll see how it works out. Never used Google's Chrome OS before; setup was dead simple, and since Google stores all of your information in its cloud, even your web brower bookmarks, just logging in with my Google account info has it ready for instantaneous use. The fact that the Chrome OS is Linux-based means I won't have to load the machine up with antivirus and other anti-malware apps. It doesn't necessarily mean that the machine isn't vulnerable to hackings or viruses, but it's far less likely than with a Windows box.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Friday, August 07, 2015

Goodwhites and Badwhites

John Derbyshire explains the difference, as seen through the lens of the "Cecil the Lion" shooting.

Because, inevitably, the whole incident became refracted through the lens of current public discourse in the U.S.A. into a skirmish in what I call the Cold Civil War: that is, the everlasting struggle between, on the one hand, the Progressive goodwhites who dominate our country’s mainstream culture—the Main Stream Media, the universities and law schools, big corporations, the federal bureaucracy—and, on the other hand, the ignorant gap-toothed hillbilly redneck badwhites clinging to their guns and religion out on the despised margins of civilized society.

Dr. Palmer is, of course, a badwhite. The evidence for this in in his actions. Hunting charismatic megafauna for sport is a thing only badwhites do. Big game trophy hunting is in fact as typically, characteristically badwhite as shopping at Whole Foods, or patronizing microbreweries, or listening to NPR are characteristically goodwhite.

I, myself, am a badwhite. Some of my readers here qualify as goodwhites, and some of my erstwhile Facebook friends are goodwhites, also. I say "erstwhile" because a couple of them unfriended me during the Sad Puppies campaign for science fiction's Hugo Awards, as I had the temerity to suggest they try reading the work of a particular individual (Vox Day) rather than dismissing him unread simply through SJW solidarity.

"Are You a Goodwhite Or a Badwhite?"