Monday, December 28, 2015

Robert Ruark At 100

Tomorrow - - Tuesday - - would have been North Carolina author Robert Ruark's 100th birthday.

I only discovered Ruark a few years ago, but his The Old Man and the Boy and The Old Man's Boy Grows Older have quickly earned a place on my shelf of favorite books. They are a pure distillation of nostalgia for his upbringing in coastal North Carolina, specifically the Cape Fear region around Wilmington. I've spent a lot of time down there myself, seeing some of what Ruark saw, although the area is far more developed than he would recognize these days. He'd probably recognize the area around Fort Fisher, though, and maybe shake hands with descendants of people he fished with off of the Kure Beach fishing pier, and once into a boat and away from the crowds on shore he'd probably be quite happy revisiting the marshes, islands and beaches of the Cape Fear area. If you've never read The Old Man and the Boy, you're missing a great coming-of-age story and a primer on how to be a good man, even if Ruark himself often ignored the advice his grandfather gave him.

Friday, December 25, 2015

The Inevitable Salvation Army Christmas Gold Post

Story. Optimistic, romantic Bob thinks this is a cool story and wonderful tradition, but pessimistic, cynical Bob wonders if, perhaps, the Salvation Army is buying goodwill and free publicity for the price of a gold coin...

Ah, well. It's Christmas, not a time for cynicism. Merry Christmas to you all.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Dan Zimmerman, Intellectual Property Thief, Dead Hooker Magazine

via Roberta X.

Dan Zimmerman, widely held to be a longtime intellectual property thief and, I am given to understand, founder of Dead Hooker Magazine, has stolen Tam's "Fun Show Song" and posted the lovely video made as a Christmas present for Tam by Ambulance Driver and Squeaky and posted it over at TTAG, the other sink of iniquity and inequity with which he is associated, utterly without attribution to anyone but himself.

Other than polite reminders (already issued) and the distant possibility of lawyering up -- Tam's a writer and her stock in trade is the unique groupings of words she creates -- there's not a whole lot that can be done.

But there is one thing. Cato famously ended every speech he made in the Roman Senate with "Carthage must be destroyed," even if all he was talking about was proclaiming Junior Vestal Day. The phrase I'd like you to remember and to post all over the Internet is "Dan Zimmerman. Intellectual property thief. Dead Hooker Magazine." And good morning, search engines!

Headline of the Day

"Stun gun wielding scooter bandit on the loose."

Scooter Bandit is what I'd name my rock band, I think.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Gotta Love a Drunken Stripper

"A Rock Hill woman was arrested on Thursday after she was involved in a drunken-driving crash and then lifted her shirt to flash an officer."

Mindy Chandler, 28, an employee at the Crazy Horse, had been doing donuts in her vehicle before pulling the car onto Pursley Street and driving toward Richland Street, witnesses said. Chandler then backed up and crashed into a fence on Constitution Boulevard, according to the report, before locking herself in a bathroom. She was escorted outside to talk to officers.

Police said Chandler only had on one boot and was very intoxicated. When Chandler was being interviewed about the crash, a witness walked by and Chandler started making obscene gestures and yelling at the woman.

The officer then told Chandler she needed to pay attention to him. The woman reportedly responded by raising her shirt and flashing the officer.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

The San Bernadino Terrorist Attack and the 2nd Amendment

Hugh Hewitt, the most intelligent and well-informed of all the conservative talk radio hosts, discusses the attack with his guest, Dr. Larry Arnn of Hillsdale College.

HH: Dr. Arnn, when we went to break, I was talking about Victor Davis Hanson and an armed citizenry. He used a term a lot, as did Robert Kaplan, another fine writer, about Indian country being that when the early American settlers from Europe moves westward into the continent, they went armed into dangerous country, and they lived on the frontier, and this culture developed, a culture of reliance upon self-defense which is embedded in the 2nd Amendment.

LA: That’s right.

HH: That is, I just can’t be, that can’t be contradicted.

LA: No, first of all, the 2nd Amendment makes reference to the militia, and that’s the able-bodied citizens who are expected to be prepared to fight for their country, and fight for their defense of their community and themselves. Thomas Jefferson makes the comment that you can’t go from town to town in England or France without being robbed by a highwayman, but you never see them in America, he said, because somebody will shoot them. And that’s, you know, that’s, America started that way, right? A bunch of people came over here to a wilderness they didn’t understand, and they found out in a hurry they were going to defend themselves or get killed. And that, it does look to me like, you know, I would mention three levels, right? First of all, people have a right to own a gun in America, and that is the clearest Constitutional right. And short of changing the Constitution, it is a Constitutionally-recognized right. And it’s hard to change the Constitution.

HH: That’s correct.

LA: That’s the first thing. Everybody can have a gun. If you’re afraid in your home, get one. And of course, I grew up in Northeast Arkansas, and what was I taught, except that that was a huge responsibility. And so how many hours have I been lectured about not pointing a gun at anybody, and about being safe with the use of a gun? I’ll tell you a quick story about my dad. We were bird hunting with one of his employers, a man, I won’t say his name, but he actually paddled my father when my father was in high school. Then he became my father’s boss, and he paddled me. Now that’s family brotherhood.

HH: Yeah, it is.

LA: And I inherited the patriarchy, right? And we went hunting with this man, and three were some quail, and they came up off to the side, and the man swung his gun over us. And I can feel at this moment my father’s hand on my shoulder forcing me down. And when it was over, and we got up, my father said to me quietly, son, we’re going home. And he didn’t say a word to his boss. We left the field and drove home, because you don’t hunt with somebody who is not safe with guns. Now you think that’s not a lesson I will always remember?

HH: Yeah, I have a similar story, not myself being qualified in riflery. My brother-in-law, retired Marine Corps colonel and owner of many weapons, instructed my boys in weaponry. And the patience required to do that is enormous. It takes a lot, and I have never seen anyone as careful as my colonel brother-in-law taking his weapons out of the gun safe and walking the boys through their first trip to the range. And the painful, painful passage of time to learn how to use a weapon the right way, it was, it just imprinted on my mind that these are serious things. But people can be serious about them. And isn’t it time we started doing that?

Read the whole discussion at the link. And if you like it, share it.

Monday, December 07, 2015

Stunning Pluto Satellite Footage

Found here.


I was intrigued by a crater off to the left of the frame that looks like a crater lake:

If This Ain't Worth a Blog Post...

...then nothing is:

I think this video should go viral.

I think we should rename O "President Otopu." O(bama)to(tal)pu(ssy).

update: Suspended by Fox News!

Shipwreck Blog: San Jose, 1708, Cartagena, Columbia

Galleon full of doubloons, pieces of eight, and emeralds.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

A blessed Thanksgiving to all of my readers. As it happens occasionally, it is also my birthday - - 54th, to be exact. Here's a photo of the 54-year old fatman:

I make the skull beads in my hatband from the teeth of my enemies, incidentally. ;-)

Monday, November 23, 2015

New Wheels

Yet another Nissan Sentra. My last two cars were Sentras (1987 and 1993), this new 2015 makes the third:

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Veteran's Day... my fellow veterans. Thank you for serving.

The Lord bless thee, and keep thee:

The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:

The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.
(Numbers 6:24-26)

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Sympathy Needed

Mark, one of the co-bloggers at the Borepatch blog, lost a son under the most tragic of circumstances a parent can.

If you read the Borepatch blog, please go over and offer Mark some sympathy and prayers.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Aikido Founder A Sudden Amazon Bestseller

If you watch The Walking Dead, you know that this past Sunday's episode featured the book The Art of Peace, a collection of sayings by the founder of the Japanese martial art Aikido. As you might (or might not) expect, the book has suddenly become a #1 bestseller at

And just incidentally, as I was wheeling my trash bins up to the curb a few minutes ago, I saw two boys down the street clacking sticks together, and it's probable that they saw The Walking Dead on Sunday and were pretending to be Morgan and Eastman, practicing "Aikido." It brought a smile to my face to see them outside in the damp grey overcast, instead of inside playing at their gaming consoles.

Maybe there's hope for us after all.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

“Muslims have the Right to Kill anyone who does Not Respect Islam”

Says a "moderate" Imam in Norway.

Pope Francis, would you stop dicking around and just call the Crusade already? I'm getting tired of listening to this shit.


Should Pope Francis Call a Crusade To Wipe Out Islam? free polls

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Charlotte Cop Brought a Taser To a Gunfight

Luckily for her she had a gun, too, when the Taser didn't work out so well.

The incident occurred about 10:30 a.m. According to police, the officer is Michelle Brcik. Brcik had confronted the driver of a truck that broke down when she realized the vehicle was one that had been stolen from a home invasion the previous week.

The suspect, 32-year-old Darryll Douglas Clay, exited the truck with a gun and Brcik deployed her Taser. Then the confrontation escalated quickly into an exchange of gunfire, police said.

This one raises interesting questions. Why did she deploy the Taser first? Did she grab it from habit, having accustomed herself to grabbing it in other confrontations? Was she worried about shooting a black man? Is it department policy to only deploy Tasers first, and then guns? I hope there'll be more to the story.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Well, If You're Going To Declare Half the Country Your Enemies...

...then I guess you'd want their guns confiscated, huh?*

Clinton Praises Australian Gun Buyback Program: Confiscation 'worth considering' on a national level."

(*In case you hadn't heard, Clinton declared "Republicans" her enemies during the Democrat presidential debate earlier this week.)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

US Naval Academy To Teach Celestial Navigation Again

I never knew that they dropped it, myself.

The same techniques guided ancient Polynesians in the open Pacific and led Sir Ernest Shackleton to remote Antarctica, then oriented astronauts when the Apollo 12 was disabled by lightning, the techniques of celestial navigation.

A glimmer of the old lore has returned to the Naval Academy.

Officials reinstated brief lessons in celestial navigation this year, nearly two decades after the full class was determined outdated and cut from the curriculum.

That decision, in the late 1990s, made national news and caused a stir among the old guard of navigators.

Maritime nostalgia, however, isn't behind the return.

Rather, it's the escalating threat of cyber attacks that has led the Navy to dust off its tools to measure the angles of stars.

After all, you can't hack a sextant.

And sextants aren't subject to EMP's or CME's, either. (ElectroMagnetic Pulse attack or Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun).

Monday, October 12, 2015

Finally a Movie Studio Cracks Down...

...on its lead actor disparaging the film just before its release, and thus hurting profits:

Daniel Craig Told [by Sony Films - - Ed.] To Quit B*tching About Being James Bond."

We see this time and time again, as a major star actor/actress feels it necessary to open his/her piehole and hold forth on whatever angers him/her during the round of interviews that accompanies a film release. Maybe it's Liam Neeson talking gun control, or Emily Blunt regretting taking US citizenship after watching the GOP debates. Just shut up! Pre-release interviews are to talk about how great the movie is, and nothing else. If you have some profundity to get off of your chest, wait a month until your movie is gone from the theaters, and then share it with the world.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

You Can't Say He Didn't Warn You

"Stupid Crime of the Week: Man Arrested with ‘I Do Dumb Things’ Shirt."

A man in Clackamas County with an extensive criminal history was who was caught after stealing a car Wednesday was wearing a shirt that said, “Warning, I do dumb things.”


Update: I am informed that the pic shown above is not of the suspect, who has been identified as Roshawn Garrett. H/T to Sean Sorrentino for the correction.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Fire Ant Survival Technique

Endangered by the flooding in South Carolina, fire ants form floating "rafts" to keep the queen and workers of the colony alive.

NC Coastal Flooding Floats Battleship North Carolina

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the WWII battleship USS North Carolina (BB-55) spends most of its time stuck in the mud in its berth across from downtown Wilmington, North Carolina. Rains and flooding that caused by hurricane Joaquin have caused the battleship to float out of the mud.

Oh, the ship is still secure and didn't go floating off down the Cape Fear River, no worries there, but it's a good thing that the ship is still intact enough to actually float, although it certainly needs (and will be soon receiving) attention to rusting problems to the hull below the water line.

Crime? That's Not a Crime, That's a Public Service

"Man Charged For Hitting Daughter's Boyfriend With Shovel."

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Gonna Teach Those Lessons Yourself, Bill Maher?


I view the first clause of that headline as containing some truth, the second clause a personal challenge. Trump is definitely a demogogue, but I think that the US government, combined with a liberty-minded military and a militant citizenry, are a sufficient block on any Hitlerian aspirations on the part of Trump.*

*standard disclaimer I'll be using a lot when speaking of Trump: I personally don't like him and think he is a bully, but no other GOP candidate is willing to fight the leftists and the MSM (redundancy alert there, I know) the way that Trump does.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Trump Wants Universal Reciprocity For Concealed Carry

Donald Trump just released his official stance on 2nd Amendment issues, and he couldn't be more perfect on it. Click the link to read the whole thing and see if you don't agree.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Meow You're Going To Jail

"Intoxicated Man Tells Rock Hill Police His Name Is “Meow."

A fan of the movie Super Troopers, I'd guess.

"The Husband's Behavior Was Heroic...

...but what we expect of a husband toward his wife: his right, and his proud privilege, to die for his woman."*

In Houston, a father died at the hands of a robber while defending his wife, but not before inflicting fatal wounds to the robber.

*quote from Robert A.Heinlein, "The Pragmatics of Patriotism," the 1973 James Forrestal Address to the US Naval Academy midshipmen.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Meanwhile, In Burgaw, NC...

...some fastidious neighbors don't want you gutting your deer in the back yard where everyone can see it.

We're not talking a major metropolitan area here, folks:

Monday, September 07, 2015

South Carolina Civil War Site To Be Refurbished

The site of the Battle of Honey Hill, which took place near Beaufort, SC will receive some tender loving care from the town of Ridgeland, SC.

Sounds like a good place to take a metal detector, if you ask me.

Bergdahl Charged With Misbehavior Before the Enemy

A charge not often seen in modern times, it was common during WWII:

RALEIGH, N.C. — Military prosecutors have reached into a section of military law seldom used since World War II in the politically fraught case against Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the soldier held prisoner for years by the Taliban after leaving his post in Afghanistan.

Observers wondered for months if Bergdahl would be charged with desertion after the deal brokered by the U.S. to bring him home. He was — but he was also charged with misbehavior before the enemy, a much rarer offense that carries a stiffer potential penalty in this case.

"I've never seen it charged," Walter Huffman, a retired major general who served as the Army's top lawyer, said of the misbehavior charge. "It's not something you find in common everyday practice in the military."

Bergdahl could face a life sentence if convicted of the charge, which accuses him of endangering fellow soldiers when he "left without authority; and wrongfully caused search and recovery operations."

Here's the pertinent article under the UCMJ:


Any person subject to this chapter who before or in the presence of the enemy--

(1) runs away;

(2) shamefully abandons, surrenders, or delivers up any command, unit, place, or military property which it is his duty to defend;

(3) through disobedience, neglect, or intentional misconduct endangers the safety of any such command, unit, place, or military property;

(4) casts away his arms or ammunition;

(5) is guilty of cowardly conduct; (6) quits his place of duty to plunder or pillage;

(7) causes false alarms in any command, unit, or place under control of the armed forces;

(8) willfully fails to do his utmost to encounter, engage, capture, or destroy any enemy troops, combatants, vessels, aircraft, or any other thing, which it is his duty so to encounter, engage, capture, or destroy; or

(9) does not afford all practicable relief and assistance to any troops, combatants, vessels, or aircraft of the armed forces belonging to the United States or their allies when engaged in battle;

shall be punished by death or such punishment as a court- martial may direct.

So it's a serious charge, fully as serious as desertion, and a signal that the Army wants to send a signal to other narcissists that aren't serious about their duty.

Monday, August 24, 2015

I've Never Denied That Climate Change Occurs...

...I've just questioned how much of the change is mankind's fault.

In the sherry wine-making region of southern Spain (where I lived for three years), the grape harvest is coming sooner, and affecting the wine that results.

Suggestion For My Friends Upset By the Results of the 2015 Hugo Awards

If you are a fan of science fiction and are upset at the results of the 2015 Hugo Awards - - if you believe that the Sad Puppies were treated with contempt and despite - - then, the next time you wish to purchase a book by one of the SJW's who behaved in such a fashion, buy their book used instead of new, and deny them their book royalty. Amazon sells nearly all book titles used as well as new - - so why buy a John Scalzi, George "Rape-Rape" Martin, or Marko Kloos book new, when you can just as easily buy it used?

And, if you think this is a good idea, mention it on your own blog - - let the word go out that when writers treat their colleagues like dirt,that the fans notice it, and will take action.

Friday, August 21, 2015

I Coined a Phrase On Twitter Last Night.

Anchor Fetus.

My reasoning is that, in the current immigration fight, Democrats and the MSM (redundant, I know) profess to hate the term "anchor baby" as used to describe a baby birthed by an illegal alien woman for purposes of "anchoring" her family onto US soil (and benefits). And, of course, Democrats when speaking of abortion never use the term baby, preferring to call it a fetus. Thus, the anchor fetus. A way to describe a child born on US soil to the mother of an illegal alien, phrased in a way that a Democrat should approve of.

I used the term several times last night in various Twitter conversations, one of them being in response to radio host Mark Levin, and hey presto!


(and yes, I did do a Google search to see if the term was in use prior to my Tweets last night: nope).

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


My old Asus Eeee Machine netbook finally kicked the bucket at the end of last week, I ordered a replacement/upgrade from Amazon; an Acer Chromebook:

A little longer and thinner than the old netbook, lighter, and possibly more fragile. We'll see how it works out. Never used Google's Chrome OS before; setup was dead simple, and since Google stores all of your information in its cloud, even your web brower bookmarks, just logging in with my Google account info has it ready for instantaneous use. The fact that the Chrome OS is Linux-based means I won't have to load the machine up with antivirus and other anti-malware apps. It doesn't necessarily mean that the machine isn't vulnerable to hackings or viruses, but it's far less likely than with a Windows box.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Friday, August 07, 2015

Goodwhites and Badwhites

John Derbyshire explains the difference, as seen through the lens of the "Cecil the Lion" shooting.

Because, inevitably, the whole incident became refracted through the lens of current public discourse in the U.S.A. into a skirmish in what I call the Cold Civil War: that is, the everlasting struggle between, on the one hand, the Progressive goodwhites who dominate our country’s mainstream culture—the Main Stream Media, the universities and law schools, big corporations, the federal bureaucracy—and, on the other hand, the ignorant gap-toothed hillbilly redneck badwhites clinging to their guns and religion out on the despised margins of civilized society.

Dr. Palmer is, of course, a badwhite. The evidence for this in in his actions. Hunting charismatic megafauna for sport is a thing only badwhites do. Big game trophy hunting is in fact as typically, characteristically badwhite as shopping at Whole Foods, or patronizing microbreweries, or listening to NPR are characteristically goodwhite.

I, myself, am a badwhite. Some of my readers here qualify as goodwhites, and some of my erstwhile Facebook friends are goodwhites, also. I say "erstwhile" because a couple of them unfriended me during the Sad Puppies campaign for science fiction's Hugo Awards, as I had the temerity to suggest they try reading the work of a particular individual (Vox Day) rather than dismissing him unread simply through SJW solidarity.

"Are You a Goodwhite Or a Badwhite?"

Friday, July 31, 2015

Restaurant Review: Queen City Q, Matthews, NC

Ate at Queen City Q's new Matthews location for dinner, along with me was George "Mad Ogre" Hill. Got there at 5, before the dinner crowd arrived. We both ordered combo platters: mine was pulled pork, brisket, and ribs; George had pulled pork, brisket and sausage.

The pulled pork was a bit dry, but had a good flavor, and with six different sauces offered, it didn't stay dry. They had Lexington-style dip, Eastern NC-style sauce, South Carolina mustard-style sauce, a rib sauce, and a proprietary tomato-based sauce. All were good, particularly the Lexington dip and the Eastern NC-style sauce, which was appropriately hot and vinegary. (we tested the sauces out on the hush puppies, which were round and golf-ball sized, properly fried, just a little bland.)

The brisket was a bit tough and looked like steak slices, since it was cut incorrectly across the grain. It was okay rather than good.

The ribs were served properly dry (no sauce), had plenty of flavor, and were properly cooked so that they didn't fall off the bone, but didn't have to be gnawed off, either.

George said that the sausage closely resembled Carolina Pride hot sausage that is found in area groceries.

Side items were mac-n-cheese and bbq beans (George) and sweet potato fries and "corn maque choux" (me). George pronounced the mac-n-cheese ordinary, and the beans probably from a can. Sweet potato fries were rather blah, I only ate a few of them, and the corn maque choux was similar to creamed corn, with the corn itself probably from a can, but overall rather tasty.

Service was rather indifferent, could have been more attentive, as drinks weren't readily refilled and George had to ask for his credit card back as we waited to leave.

Rating: I'll give Queen City Q a 3 on my 5-scale of restaurants: 3 out of 5: average; reasonably good food, moderate effort by staff/management.

The place was hopping as we left, most tables and the bar were occupied. High noise level due to reflective ceilings and a single large room. Good ventilation, so no smell of smoke or BBQ - - a minus, in my opinion, at least for a BBQ restaurant. A few TV's were placed in the corners, but sound turned down too low to hear.


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Random Complaint

I sure wish that grocery stores would sell cornbread in the bakery like any other bread. Our local places won't even sell corn muffins on a regular basis.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Treasure Blog: 1715 Treasure Fleet Coins


The 1715 Spanish treasure fleet that wrecked off the Florida coast during a hurricane is probably the most famous of all US shipwreck treasures, with the possible exception of the Atocha hoard.

Pic of the new finds:

Those are what pirates called doubloons. By contrast, a piece of eight was a similar coin made of silver instead of gold.

I have a coin from the 1715 fleet myself, it is a silver 1-real coin:

I purchased it back in 1979 for $75, as I recall.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Labor For the Border Fence

You want amnesty for all of the millions of illegal aliens in the US? Fine, put your labor where your mouth is and volunteer for the Fence Corps, a project to build a secure fence system along the southern US border. Illegal aliens that register as laborers for one year of Fence Corps will be given amnesty upon successful completion of their year's contract. Once the fence is built there will still be volunteers needed for maintenance and guard duty.

While you're at it, amend the Constitution so that there is no longer automatic birthright citizenship except for parents of native US citizens. In other words, no one whose parents are illegal aliens are to be granted automatic US citizenship simply by the fact of being born in the US. No anchor babies, to put it bluntly.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Guess What Day It Is?

National Hot Dog Day.

I'll be putting the hot in hot dog with my very own special andouille sausage dogs:

Meanwhile, In My Home State of Florida...

...leprosy is on the rise due to people messing with armadillos, which carry the disease.

It's not enough that we have to deal with Florida Man, but Florida Leper Man? That's too much.


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Not the Hapless Victims They Seemed At First

They violated regulations to carry their own firearms, risking court-martial for wanting to be able to defend their lives. It appears that they might have gone down fighting, at least a couple of them.

A Navy officer and a Marine fired their sidearms hoping to kill or subdue the gunman who murdered five service members last week in Chattanooga, Tennessee, according to multiple military officials familiar with internal reporting on the tragedy.

It remains unclear whether either hit Muhammad Abdulazeez, who was shot and killed Thursday after he gunned down four Marines and a sailor at the Navy Operational Support Center in Chattanooga. It's also unclear why they were armed, as it is against Defense Department policy for anyone other than military police or law enforcement to carry weapons on federal property.

A report was distributed among senior Navy leaders during the shooting's aftermath saying Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White, the support center's commanding officer, used his personal firearm to engage Abdulazeez, Navy Times has confirmed with four separate sources. A Navy official also confirmed Monday's Washington Post report indicating one of the slain Marines may have been carrying a 9mm Glock and possibly returned fire on the gunman.

Good for them for not being willing victims and dying like heroes. Click the link to read the rest.

Monday, July 20, 2015

How To Arm Military Recruiters

When I was in the Navy and serving on ships, the in-port quarterdeck was where all access to the ship occurred. When a visitor crossed the brow (gangplank, civilians call it), (s)he was confronted with at least one armed sailor whose job was to prevent intruders from gaining access to the ship. This sailor openly wore a pistol on a web belt, and during the hours he was on duty the gun remained belted around his waist. Remarkably, no accidental discharges occurred (/sarc). It would be quite easy to designate an NCO at each military recruiting office to be officially armed, prepared to deal with situations such as the shootings in Chattanooga. Such an NCO would hand the gun off to another NCO when going to lunch, and take it back upon return. At the end of the working day the gun could be locked in an on-premises safe, or taken home by the NCO in charge of it.

Problem solved.

Yet Another Menace

"Are American Bullfrogs Taking Over the West?"

Bullfrogs are hopping across the West and compromising the health of local ecosystems as they go, The Spokesman-Review reports. Experts worry that the frogs—with an abundance of food and few natural predators in the region—may have lasting negative effects on species that inhabit the same ponds and marshes, potentially driving some to extinction.

In Idaho, in particular, in the 1940s, the Department of Fish and Game (DFG) released bullfrogs into area waters for residents to catch and eat. Unfortunately, frog gigging didn’t catch on, and the bullfrog population has flourished in the past 70 years, feasting on an array of aquatic creatures.

Earlier this month, in an attempt to combat the invaders, biologists and wildlife managers spent a day catching and killing bullfrogs near the Canadian border; however, workers managed to kill only 20 of the 116 bullfrogs that they spotted.

“They’re hard to catch,” says Michael Lucid, a DFG biologist. “If you get close to them, they’ll go ‘EEEP!’ and all you’ll hear is a splash in the water.”

Click the link to read the rest. It reads like a parody, doesn't it?

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Headline of the Day

"Trump: I’ve Never Asked God For Forgiveness For Anything."

Given Trump's ego, I'm sure he feels that God is required to ask The Donald's forgiveness, I expect.

Will Military Personnel Defy Gun Control Orders That Endanger Their Lives?

Since the attack at the Chattanooga recruiting station by a fucking muslim I have been pondering if, or when, military personnel will become so disgusted with being targeted while disarmed that they begin defying their orders and carrying guns unlawfully. The penalty for doing so is a court-martial and loss of career, so there is a natural disinclination to make an example of oneself. But what if these attacks continue, will potential danger to life outweigh career considerations?

It could work out a couple of different ways, I think: one is by passive defiance, i.e., service members begin carrying concealed secretly, hoping both not to be caught and not to be put in a position of having to use the gun for defense of self and comrades, but accepting the consequences if they occur.

The other approach is active defiance, i.e., openly carrying sidearms and forcing military authorities to respond via arrest and court-martial. For this tactic to be effective it would have to wide-spread, which would bring charges of collusion and possibly even mutiny, but it has the advantage of forcing the military and civilian authorities to address the issue sooner.

What say you, readers?



Sorry about the crappy pic. It's a Ruger SR9 full-sized 9mm semiauto pistol with a stainless steel slide. Between the polymer frame and the stainless slide the gun isn't going to be subject to much corrosion in the NC heat and humidity, a good thing. It's less fat and blocky than a Glock, and has a thumb safety, which Glocks don't, so the chances of accidental discharges are reduced.

I purchased this pistol specifically for acquiring my CCW license, I wanted a pistol to take to the qualifying shooting class instead of a revolver, and this one has modern 3-dot sights that will make it easier on my aging eyes than the sights on my S&W revolvers. Better recoil control too, I'm thinking.

Shipwreck Blog: NC Coast, US Revolution Era


Friday, July 17, 2015

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

He's From North Florida, But He Ain't No Redneck

"Tom Petty regrets promoting Confederate flag."

Proudly waving his freak flag, instead.

C'mon, Tom. You don't have to live like a retardee.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Bletting Your Medlars

Adding to my vocabulary, courtesy of my current book.

For those of you who don't wish to look up the words yourself, a medlar is an Old World fruit that isn't fit to eat until it is overripe. Thus, to blet your medlars is to allow them to stay on the tree until they are nearly over-ripe, at which point you can eat them. In the US, eaters of persimmons can tell you the importance of bletting.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

A Story of Pure Horror

Remember the boy who was found chained in the yard of a Monroe, NC home with a dead chicken tied around his neck?

The details of the boy's story are utterly horrific.

Jesus wept.

Good News and Bad News

The good news is that Google's photo software no longer tags photos of African-Americans as "gorillas."

The bad news is that it now tags photos of gorillas as "niggas."

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Insane Wingsuit Stunt

via Daily Caller:

Pass Hate Crime Legislation, What Do You Get?

Fake hate crimes, that's what.

Fake gay hate crime.

Fake black hate crime.

Police probably got suspicious over the last one because the purported KKK racists used the inflammatory word "blackmen" instead of the usual "nigger."

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Film Composer James Horner Dead In Plane Crash?

Looks like it.

Classical music abandoned the public long ago, even before the end of the 19th century, going off in various strange directions that the public wasn't willing to follow. With the advent of moving pictures and especially the beginning of "talking" films with dialog, musical soundtracks became an important component of the industry, and film composers supplied the beautiful melodies that the public had been missing.

Horner is (was?) a prolific composer, with over 100 film scores to his credit, and a bunch of awards, also, including two Oscars.

Probably my favorite work of his was Braveheart.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Gunny Ermey and a Hot Chick Shoot the Winchester '73.

Yeah, it's clickbait. So what?

Does she make the shot? Click the link to find out!

Headline of the Day

"Tourniquets now available at beach stands."

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH -- Lifeguard stands at Wrightsville Beach are equipped with new tourniquets after a donation from North American Rescue.

This probably in response to recent shark attacks at nearby Oak Island, in which two swimmers had arms bitten off.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

"Keep Hookers Off the Piers?"

Really, PETA?

OAK ISLAND – PETA plans to fly a banner behind a plane Friday throughout Oak Island that reads “KEEP HOOKERS OFF THE PIERS!” to get an anti-fishing message across following shark bite incidents Sunday that maimed two swimmers.

"Dangling blood and bait in the water is like ringing a dinner bell for sharks, who rarely attack without provocation — and the consequences can be disastrous, as they were in these cases," PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk said. "PETA's banner will remind Oak Island–area beachgoers that fishing is dangerous not only for fish, turtles, birds and dolphins, but also for swimmers and tourists visiting the beaches."

Sunday, June 14, 2015

My Sister's Favorite NC Beach Is In the News... a bad sort of way, as two teens have been attacked by sharks in the last day or so, and another attack occurred last week at another NC beach just down the coast.

A teenage girl lost part of her left arm and may lose her left leg after being attacked by a shark in North Carolina, authorities confirmed Sunday, and a teenage boy may also have been badly injured in a separate shark attack.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sir Christopher Lee, 1922-2015: R.I.P.

The death of a legend.

No one was more frightening as Dracula. He was wonderful as Rochefort, was a Bond villain with three nipples, was a Sith (of course), and was the perfect actor to play Tolkien's Saruman the White in The Lord of the Rings. War hero, singer with an operatic range, swordsman. Now he's in Heaven, no doubt greeted at the Pearly Gates by his beloved friend Peter Cushing.

Rest in Peace, Sir Christopher. Thanks for all the movie memories.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Thus Explaining the Knights Who Say "Ni!"

"Israeli researchers discover shrub that can treat diabetes."

Israeli researchers have found that a plant that grows in Israel, as well as in other parts of the Middle East, is effective in treating diabetes.

Dr. Jonathan Gorelick of the Judea Research and Development Center will present the results of his study of Chiliadenus iphionoides (sharp varthemia), an aromatic shrub that grows in Israel and throughout the Middle East, at the 25th Judea and Samaria Research Studies Conference in Ariel University on Thursday.

Dr. Gorelick and his team, who published the results of their study of sharp varthemia in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology in October 2011, found that consumption of the yellow-flowering plant increased sugar absorption in skeletal muscle and fat cells and reduced blood sugar levels in animals.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

It Doesn't Take Sherlock Holmes... follow this trail:

Three burglary suspects were arrested by police in Mt. Morris, New York after police followed a macaroni salad trail the crooks left during their getaway.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Meanwhile, In McConnell, NC....

...we have the Parham-McCoy Feud:

A McConnells woman has been arrested and charged Tuesday after she allegedly hit her 81-year-old neighbor with a shovel.

Patsy Parham, 65, was charged with assault and entry onto another person’s lands or pasture after notice charges after she had allegedly hit her rural western York County neighbor, Joe Mack McCoy, 81, with a shovel two weeks prior.

The feud between Parham and McCoy has been ongoing for 20 years and both parties initially didn’t press charges against the other, according to a police report.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Jean Ritchie, 1923-2015: R.I.P.

She helped keep the tradition of the Appalachian Dulcimer alive, and was a wonderful preserver of old folksongs.

I acquired a dulcimer in my senior year of high school - - 1980 - - and there were very few books on the instrument back then, among them was Jean Ritchie's, which I think I still have in my library somewhere. Haven't touched the dulcimer in years, it sits in its case atop my dresser, made by Dorsey Williams of Jefferson City, Tennessee.

I'll Be Masturdating This Weekend

According to the UK Telegraph, anyway.

via Ann Althouse.

The night will end, of course, when I make a pass at myself and myself slaps myself in the face...

Thursday, May 28, 2015

It's Not Dead...'s just resting.

I'm not feeling particularly motivated these days. Other than sharing crap on Facebook and the odd reply on Twitter, I'm withdrawing into myself even more than usual. Nothing I really want to talk about, but I wanted to note the lack of postings.

I may post occasionally again or even cheer up and start posting daily again. Then again, maybe not. Expect me when you see me, as Gandalf said.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

This Could Cause Carpal Tunnel

Worked on a belt today. I've made belts before with limited tooling, but this was the first time I did all the tooling - - started with a leather strip, ended with a finished belt. It still needs a little keeper loop, I'll pick one of those up on Friday.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

They Don't Seem Very High...

...but they're high enough to be lethal to the unwary.

KINGS MOUNTAIN, N.C. – A woman was died in a fall from Crowders Mountain on Saturday afternoon.

Rescuers said she fell about 150 feet from the King's Pinnacle Trail near the Gaston/Cleveland County line.

They haven't released details about what happened, but say she may have been taking pictures.

The park's superintendent said this is the first accident he can recall from that part of the trail.

I've hiked that particular trail when I was younger, and can vouch that it's certainly high enough at 150 feet (that's 15 stories up) to be lethal. That's the very summit of King's Pinnacle. Still, it's the first time I've ever heard of anyone falling from that particular mountain; most fatalities at Crowder's Mountain state park take place on Crowder's itself, where the rock climbing occurs. It's a beautiful place for a day hike, and I'd be tempted myself to camp at the summit of King's Pinnacle if it was a cool autumn evening.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Wonder of the Internet

I purchased another antique belt buckle off of eBay:

Photos taken after polishing, by the way. The buckle still had its original varnish coat, and had a patina underneath. The markings on the back of the buckle intrigued me: a central star, with the name "Laurie" on one side and an obliterated area on the other, where a name or word had been removed with a grinder. Aha, a mystery, I though to myself. I pictured a cute blonde hippie chick named "Laurie" who had carved the wax model of the belt buckle.

I looked on the internet, and found that the cute blonde hippie chick was actually a man still alive, and his company was the Star Buckle Company of Spinnerstown, Pennsylvania. Apparently Mr. Laurie started his business with a buckle in the shape of a peace symbol, and it took off from there. He does other stuff now, of course, since hippie belt buckles had a limited popularity and eventually went out of fashion.

Still... to be able to dig out this information with just a few clicks on a keyboard... amazing. It would have taken a major investment in time and money to research this in pre-computer days.

Don't ever say we aren't living in the future.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Well, I Didn't See a Sign

There's adult humans in this country that are so ill-bred that they think nothing of entering a hotel dining room barefoot during breakfast and, when told that shoes are required, declare "Well, I didn't see a sign."

Monday, May 11, 2015

Subway Worker In Mississippi Fired For Praising Murder of MS Cops - - Got 'Er!

She went on Facebook to gloat over the murder of two Hattiesburg, MS cops, posing in her Subway uniform.

Twitter and Facebook outrage ensued, and she is no longer employed. Which is a mixed bag of good and bad. Good, in that she has now been punished for her stupidity, and bad because she made herself unemployable to a large segment of the population, and is more likely to suck on taxpayer-funded benefits as a result.

(according to comments on Facebook about the story, the two Laurel, MS Subway locations are feeding first responders (cops and fire) free this week to atone for the worker's stupidity.)

Thursday, May 07, 2015

One Lousy Bar? Arrrr.

Barry Clifford finds a bit of Captain Kidd's treasure:

Archaeologists in Madagascar believe they have discovered treasure belonging to the ruthless Scottish pirate William Kidd.

Divers brought a 50kg silver bar to the shore and soldiers have been guarding the suspected treasure at Sainte Marie Island, the BBC reports.

The silver bar was discovered just off the coast in shallow water by a team led by under water explorer Barry Clifford.

Not that a 50kg silver bar is anything to sneeze at, but it's just a fraction of the treasure haul that Kidd reputedly collected. This bar is probably one that was accidentally dropped overboard while transferring it from one ship to another.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Headline of the Day

"Cambrian penis worm had throat full of teeth."

Penis. Worm.

That White Boy Crazy

"More Details Released in Court on Teen Shooting Police Officer."

Ferrell had been getting ready for prom on Saturday when he and his brother-in-law got into a big argument which led to police being called.

When officers responded to the scene, Ferrell came out of his bedroom wearing a bulletproof vest and holding a shotgun, according to Bruce Lillie, Mecklenburg prosecutor.

Ferrell then shot the gun at Police Lt. James Quattlebaum, Lillie said. Quattlebaum was shot in the stomach.

Lillie believes the attack was deliberate and that Ferrell poses a danger to both himself and other people, he said, asking for bond of $2 million for the teen.

Ferrell also showed lack of any remorse for his crime, according to Lillie, who said the teen was singing “I shot the sheriff” while in custody.

And his mama bought him a ballistic vest so he could use it as a Halloween costume. Ain't he the entitled little boy?

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Show & Tell, Tomahawk Edition

Apparently today is Show Off Your Tomahawk Day, or at least Old NFO got the ball rolling by showing off his, and a couple of others have joined in as well. Here's mine, a Cold Steel Trail Hawk with the factory paint removed, along with a Becker Knife and Tool BK-5 made by Ka-Bar, likewise with paint removed:

One of the commenters over at Old NFO's place mentioned the Cold Steel Spetsnaz shovel, I'd like to pick up one of those, the commenter was spot-on in his reasoning, that a shovel is easier to justify to police and judges than even a tomahawk is.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Yard Improvement

When we first moved to the rental property we are in now, the yard was in bad shape. None of the previous tenants had cared for the yard, and a small piece along the driveway was actually becoming an erosion gully. After a couple of years of living here, we're starting to see improvement; here are the before and after photos:

I'm fairly pleased.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Veterans Spat Upon By University of Florida Fraternity Students


Facebook statement from the University of Florida.

Statement from Zeta Beta Tau fraternity.

To all my fellow veterans: Mark down the date of the incident so that the next time some leftist prick tries to claim that the Left is patriotic and doesn't do such things (and didn't do them after Vietnam), you can point them to this story.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Let Me Draw Your Attention... the sidebar of my blog, where Marko Kloos's new Frontlines novel, Angles of Attack, is available for sale at Amazon. If it's as good as his first two novels in the series, it should be good indeed. It's a shame that the second one got caught in the crossfire between Social Justice Bullies and Sad Puppies, but that is the Balkanized country we find ourselves in.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

With a First Line Like That...

...there's no need to go further:

Wearing perfectly pressed trousers and shiny boots, Captain Maddox of Star Watch Intelligence flexed his bare chest. Muscles like strings of steel writhed upon his lean frame. He gripped a viper stick, swishing it back and forth, so the spectators murmured uneasily.

Luckily I didn't shell out any money for this (presumably) stinkeroo, but borrowed using Amazon's free Kindle lending library. For those of you who might wish to give it a try, it's called The Lost Starship by Vaughn Heppner.

The Title Is Deceptive

Greenfield calls it "The Death of the Left," but more properly it should be called "The Death Brought By the Left."


Imagine a future in which the left wins permanently. Just picture Hillary Clinton and then Elizabeth Warren and finally Bernie Sanders kept alive in the Oval Office by electricity and fetal stem cells from babies. Imagine the country run like the DMV. Imagine it divided between the politically connected and the poor. Imagine everyone else giving up and surviving on the black market. Imagine Social Justice becoming a slogan that everyone is forced to repeat, but that no one understands.

And then the Chinese will come along to take advantage of the cheap labor.

Read the whole thing, as the saying goes.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Quote of the Day

" In the 800 years since the ratification of Magna Carta, we have not managed to come up with a political solution that does not in the end present us with a choice between servility and revolution. The Left, being schizophrenic, wants revolution and servility simultaneously: smashing store windows on Saturday night, cashing a welfare check on Monday."

Found here.

Headline of the Day

"British expat found dumped at bottom of a well may have been defending his vegetable garden from a leek thief, say French police."

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Sorry, Lassie, If It Comes Down To Me Or You...'re gonna die.

"Killingsworth Pest Control Under Fire For Telling Employees To Run Over Stray Dogs."

I understand what this man is saying, and I agree with it. There are times when you are driving that you can be killed if you swerve or brake to avoid hitting an animal. Over on the coast near Southport, NC, is a country road with deep drainage canals on either side of the road - - to swerve off the road means your car will go into the water and sink, and you'll very likely die. On that road one evening I cautioned my girlfriend, who was driving, about the necessity of hitting an animal in that situation rather than swerving and going into the ditches. "If it's a choice between Bambi and the ditch, Bambi has to die," I told her. Sure enough, just a few minutes later Rocky Raccoon ran into the road - - the car ahead of us hit Rocky, and, to her credit, so did my girlfriend.

Does this mean that you callously hit any stray dog in the road? Not at all. But if you're driving and an animal enters the road and the only option is to hit it to avoid the possibility of death to the driver and passengers, the animal must be hit.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Meanwhile, At the Hugo Award Nominations...

...there is wailing and gnashing of teeth, because many Sad Puppies are nominated for Hugo Awards.

And the leftist gatekeepers who have viewed the Hugos as their own hunting preserve for many years now are infuriated that we are poaching on their land. Tough shit.

Good luck to the Puppies, and the non-Puppies who are also deserving, such as Marko Kloos.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Sudden Jihadi Syndrome In Charlotte?

"Man Arrested for Shooting at Vehicle on I-77 N. Ramp."

A man was arrested after a Charlotte-Mecklenburg officer saw him shoot at a vehicle on an Interstate-77 North ramp Wednesday, police said.

Mehmet Ilik, 42, was arrested without incident and the officer seized the man’s handgun. He is charged with shooting in city limits and going armed to the terror of the public.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

*sings* Stop Draggin' That Cop Around!

"Man drags cop with car during arrest."

Usual Suspect™, of course. Hands Up Don't Shoot I can't breathe black lives matter!™

Imagine My Shocked Face

"Obama Admin Will NOT Prosecute Lois Lerner For Contempt."

Hey, Dis Joo Dog?

"Man accused of sexually molesting dog pleads guilty."

Jose Vasquez, 47, of Wilmington, approached a Marine stationed at Camp Lejeune in the parking lot of the Ramada Inn in the 5000 block of Market Street last July. The Marine said Vasquez asked him about a dog that was in the parking lot. When the Marine told Vasquez the dog wasn't his, Vasquez took the dog with him to his car, according to a news release from the New Hanover County District Attorney's Office.

A short time later, the dog's owner asked the witness if he'd seen the dog and the witness directed the dog owner to the car he'd seen Vasquez get into.

When the dog owner and witness approached the car Vasquez was in, they saw Vasquez engaging in sexual activity with the small black female dog, the news release said.

I'm guessing this will be a consent defense - - bitch wanted it?

Monday, March 30, 2015

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Contest: Walking Dead Season Five Finale: Who Dies?

For all of you Walking Dead fans out there, here's a contest you can enter, the winner gets a really nice Boy Scout-pattern knife by Case Cutlery and a wrist strap hand-tooled by your humble blogger:

Rules: Here is a list of the season 5 cast members who are associated with Rick Grimes:

Rick Grimes
Carl Grimes
Daryl Dixon
Glenn Rhee
Carol Peletier
Maggie Greene
Abraham Ford
Tara Chambler
Rosita Espinosa
Eugene Porter
Father Gabriel Stokes

And no others. Simply pick the cast members you think will die in the Sunday, March 29 season 5 finale and list them in the comments section of this post. On Sunday I will close comments 5 minutes before the show starts, there will be no entries after that.

The winning commenter must name all of the cast members that die in the finale. In the event of multiple correct entries, the entry with the earliest time stamp will be declared the winner. If no commenter guesses correctly...too bad. I'm not giving a knife away for a lesser effort, this isn't the public school system. ;-)

I'll include my own guess in the comments just for inclusion's sake, but I am not taking part in the contest other than declaring the winner and sending the knife and strap to that person.

Winner must provide a valid mailing address. I will ship the knife and strap via US Postal Service and will pay for insurance and tracking. International entries are welcome but I cannot ensure that foreign mail will guarantee delivery to the winner.

Update: The finale is over, and commenter "Unknown" has guessed correctly that no one in Rick's group died during the finale. If "Unknown" will contact me at using the Google account associated with the Blogger comment, I will do my best to verify its authenticity and send the knife and wrist strap. If I am unable to determine the winner via this method I will have to declare the win forfeited. I hope that is not the case.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Michael Brown, Pop Group Left Banke, R.I.P.

Heart failure at 65.

What a great song he wrote:

Headline of the Day

"Obama to announce slower Afghan withdrawal; White House says post-2016 plan intact."

Doesn't want to screw up Hillary's chance of winning the White House by letting ISIS into Afghanistan before the election.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Obama Might Be Crap At Running a Country...

...but he's an expert at stealing elections.

A new study by the American Enterprise Institute -- "Do Political Protests Matter? Evidence From The Tea Party Movement" -- finds that the movement boosted Republican turnout by three to six million votes in the 2010 election. This effect was blunted in the 2012 election, though, because growth in the movement stalled.

That slowdown happened, co-author and AEI economist Stan Veuger notes, at the same time that the IRS began coming down hard on these groups. He argues in a article that this most likely had a major impact in the 2012 election.

"The founders, members, and donors of new Tea Party groups found themselves incapable of exercising their constitutional rights, and the Tea Party's impact was muted in the 2012 election cycle," Veuger said.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Did Durst Have Something To Do With a Charlotte Girl's Disappearance?

Worth investigating, perhaps.

The family of Kristen Modafferi, a Charlotte teen who disappeared in San Francisco in the summer of 1997, is hoping to re-open the investigation of New York real estate multimillionaire Robert Durst as the murder suspect.

Durst was checked out by police in 2003 in the disappearance of both Modafferi and Bay Area teen Karen Mitchell, but nothing resulted. Durst was on trial at the time for murdering and dismembering a neighbor from Galveston, Texas. Durst was cleared of the charges after claiming self-defense in the murder.

Cold, cold case. Her parents need closure.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Meanwhile, In San Francisco...

...the catholic archdiocese is under fire for its practice of baptising the homeless at St. Mary's Cathedral...

Have you been washed in the blood of the lamb?

update: The backpedaling has begun. (link goes to .pdf file from the Archdioces of San Francisco).

I Wonder If His Golf Opponents Let Him Win... as not to incur a Presidential snit-fit?

"Obama’s rude snub of Netanyahu"

Unlike Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and British Prime Minister David Cameron, who, as heads of state of friendly countries are expected to do, offered personal congratulations to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his victory, President Obama has not.

First, an aide was dispatched to say the administration was giving Netanyahu “space” to form a government. (There is virtually no chance he won’t be able to, with a margin of victory this large.) Netanyahu’s main rival Isaac Herzog called Netanyahu to congratulate him and has told his followers they are going into opposition. But Obama still isn’t giving up.

Next, we heard Obama might call in a few days — exactly when is not clear. And besides, unlike other heads of state, Obama had his secretary of state make a call to congratulate Netanyahu, a deliberate insult. The press secretary did say they would be calling to complain that Netanyahu issued a warning that the Arab list was turning out big (it was) and his supporters better get to the polls. (Understand that, unlike most of its neighbors, Israel has a parliament that matters, allows Arab citizens to vote and even allows parties that call for the dismemberment of Israel.) Always time to criticize and snipe.

Frankly this is how poorly raised children behave. It's not how the President of the United States of America is supposed to behave.

To provide contrast, here's a story of a Republican politician reaching out to a Democrat politician:

"Capitol Hill Buzz: Reid Thanks Paul for Medical Advice."

WASHINGTON — Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid thanked likely Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul of Kentucky for dispensing "expert advice" on Reid's injured right eye.

"I really appreciate it very, very much," the Nevada Democrat said to Paul, a Republican senator and opthamologist who was taking his turn presiding over the chamber Wednesday.

"I want the people of Kentucky to know that, how thoughtful, considerate and kind you've been to me over these months," Reid told Paul.

Yet another reason why I'm supporting Rand Paul for President.