Monday, May 18, 2009

New Feature: Ask Wolfram Alpha!

Wolfram Alpha is a new search engine that promises to be able to answer text questions asked of it. The UK Guardian has a fine story about the new search engine, including a cogent analysis of its current cababilities:

"like a roomful of idiot savants. Each knows a scary amount about a topic. And, unlike a such a roomful, WA also knows how to recombine and compute what each of the savants knows. But if the room doesn't have the savant you're looking for, you get back nothing but a "Huh?"

So, as a new feature after amusing myself with a few tests, here is a question I asked of Wolfram Alpha:

Eventually I hope to teach Wolfram Alpha jokes, and hope that it will assist in my tentative plan to overthrow the Obama government.

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