Thursday, May 21, 2009

This Needs To Be A Movie

It's quite easy to mock and belittle the UK for the actions of its current government, but then you read a story like this and remember that Britain still has citizens whose souls shine in a blaze of glory, even though they might not be noticed during their lifetime.

May Savidge loved her little cottage, and when told that it must be demolished to make way for a road, May did what anyone would not do: she disassembled her cottage, brick by brick and board by board, and moved it to a new, safer location. She did it mostly herself, and the cottage wasn't completely reassembled at her death, but has been since:

May Savidge's story is told in a book (see linking story for info) and needs desperately to be made into a movie; not by Hollywood, which would screw it up, but by some sympathetic British film company. It would be a shoo-in for awards. I'd watch it, myself.

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