Sunday, May 24, 2009

Whoopi Goldberg, Haze Honeycutt & Antique Books

In a UK Telegraph story, we learn of actress Whoopi Goldberg's interest in used books:

As we leave the theatre an aide appears and hands Goldberg a list. ‘Shops,' she says, peering closely through her trademark glasses that have slipped now almost to the point of her nose. ‘I'm into antique books. I love penny dreadfuls.

When she came to Charlotte about 15 years ago for an appearance, she visited Dilworth Books, now defunct. The owner of Dilworth Books, Haze Honeycutt, was an unreconstructed southerner, and one of his interests was collecting old Civil War books and maps, which he sold through his store. One of the books displayed proudly in the case next to the cash register was a first edition of Little Black Sambo, which Whoopi noticed when she was paying for her purchases. She and Haze had a discussion about the book, without descending to the point of argument or invective, the discussion was polite. Haze said that Whoopi declined to purchase the book, even after he offered her a discount on it.


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