Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Bit of Road Humor

Sara and I traveled into the North Carolina mountains today, visiting Lake Lure and Asheville, then coming home via rural roads in South Carolina.

Riding on US 74 West, we noticed that certain overpasses have been named to commemorate fallen NC Highway Patrol troopers. Later in the afternoon, as we traveled south at a fairly fast clip, we noticed a State Trooper ahead on an exit ramp, his car moving fairly fast, but his progress blocked by a red traffic signal.

"If he blows that light and pulls out in front of us, they'll be naming a bridge after him," I said.

We both burst out into hysterical laughter. I very nearly blacked out, and both of us were so blinded by tears of laughter that we wondered for a brief few seconds if Sara, who was driving, would run off the road or otherwise wreck the car. Fortunately it didn't happen, and we eventually got ourselves under control, although only after five minutes or more of continuous laughter. Something usually can be found to strike us funny each weekend together, but nothing matched this particular episode for side-splitting hysterical belly laughter.

We got a few shots from Lake Lure and a particularly strange roadside sign. I'll post them on Sunday evening.

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