Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The top 20 ways in which people in UK injure themselves:

1. Sleeping in the same position

2. Missing a step on a staircase

3. Falling off playground equipment

4. Falling out of bed

5. Slipping when stepping out of the shower

6. Walking into a lamp-post

7. Sneezing

8. Dropping a jar of food on toes

9. Working on the computer

10. Falling off a chair

11. Falling over a dog

12. Tripping over toys

13. Lifting a child

14. Walking into a glass door

15. Lifting a suitcase when going on holiday

16. Choking on a cup of tea

17. Sitting down when someone has removed the chair

18. Falling out of a tree

19. Brushing teeth

20. Falling into a pothole

Looks like you could narrow that down a bit by changing a couple of those categories to simply falling and lifting.

All of those taken together, of course, could make up an ideal episode of Mr. Bean.

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