Friday, July 17, 2009

Support Chris Muir and Day By Day!

Probably the first thing you notice on this blog is Chris Muir's fine comic strip Day By Day.It relates the daily battles in the culture war, as seen through the eyes of the four main characters: Zed, Sam, Jan and Damon. I first encountered this fine comic on Ed Morrissey's now defunct Captain's Quarter's blog. When Ed moved to Hot Air, I decided in my small way to make sure that Day By Day was still on the top of a blog for other people to read and comment on. Thus, it is here on The Drawn Cutlass for you to view each day, full panel-width.

Chris Muir, the artist behind Day By Day, doesn't draw these strips as a hobby; they are his sole source of income, and donations from his readers keep the strip going (it's certainly not going to be picked by liberal MSM editors for their newspapers, obviously). If you read the strip daily and have a few bucks, why not click on the link above and head over to Chris's place to donate to the cause? You even get stuff for your money, it's not just charity. You can donate as little as $1, if that's all you have. If today isn't your payday, think about donating next week when you get that check in your hot little hand. Pony up. You'll get pictures of Sam, and she's teh hotness personified, and won't say stupid liberal stuff like Megan Fox does.


Chris Muir said...

Arrrh, ye can always rely on the pirate to help ye get the booty!


Bob said...

@Chris Muir: happy to help as always, Chris. :)