Thursday, July 15, 2010

And Instead of Toilet Paper, Use Your Left Hand

In Rochdale, UK, they are putting squat toilets in the restrooms in an effort to be more multicutural.

Coming Soon To A Restroom Near You


Anonymous said...

Oh gawd!!!! not a muslim toilet!?!??!!?
This is a step forward in the evolution of humankind?!??!?!?!?
Those things are NASTY!?!?!?

Please dear God when are you coming back so all of this stupidness can end?????


TOTWTYTR said...

One of the signs of superior culture is how it handles it's waste products. This is a decided step backwards for Formerly Great Britain. Considering that some people believe that it's been all down hill since Romans left, maybe it's not that big a step at all.

Guess I'll cancel that trip to Londonistan after all.

wally said...

Man, somebody needs a Xanax. Do you guys ever go back and read Bob's source articles? It might save you a change of underwear.

Anonymous said...

I hope wally wasn't suggesting that I take a Xanax...for suggesting this toilet was a moo-slime concession?!?
I mean the mall did install the thing AFTER they were propagandized by a mooslime council of sometinorother...

Oh and the change of underwear...have you ever tried to use one of those toilets?