Monday, July 19, 2010

Is the Cold Civil War Turning Hot?

"I-580 shootout suspect mad at left-wing politics."

If the guy turns out to be a Tea Party participant then the MSM will finally have the violent example that they've been craving, and there will be an orgy of hysterical headlines, all variations on the I told you so! theme.

It will be interesting to see what the fellow intended to do, having armed himself and armored himself. I have to guess that he just snapped and had no organized plan, and the Oakland cops happened to present themselves as the first targets of opportunity. Someone who was deadly serious about provoking an ideological civil war would probably go about it in a more organized and cold-blooded manner; Timothy McVeigh immediately comes to mind.

So let's see where this story goes. It may disappear quickly off the map, or may become a seven days' wonder, depending on the motives and associations of the shooter.

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