Monday, July 26, 2010

I Think I'd Be Quick To Notice It (And I Was)

Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund was on Face the Nation on Sunday and got his facts wrong:

Fund said there was a pattern of "consistent politicization" in the Justice Department, listing examples of Voting Rights Act decisions in the South.

"North Carolina is predominantly African-American," Fund said, "and voted to have non-partisan elections. The Justice Department said you can't do that. You have to continue to give black voters the cue of Democrat versus Republican so they'll know who to vote for.

Aside from being a rather racist statement per se in that it presumes blacks are too stupid to know who to vote for without party labels, Fund also gets the demographic makeup of North Carolina waaaaaaay wrong. Wikipedia cites US Census Data showing that North Carolina's demographic mix is around 74% white and 22% black, with the rest of the minorities making up the remaining 4%.

So, next step is to see if Fund has an email box at the post for a correction.

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