Sunday, July 18, 2010

You Should Give Him A Medal, Instead, You Bastards

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, a Gurkha is in trouble for beheading a Taliban commander in battle with his kukri knife.

The circumstances are that the Taliban in question was a high-value target and had to be positively identified in order for the Gurkhas to be given credit for killing him. Unfortunately the Gurkhas came under fire while trying to transport the Taliban's body, so an enterprising Gurkha soldier, realizing that positive identification could be made from facial features (and DNA), and that he had a great big razor-sharp knife available to him, beheaded the Taliban and transported the much lighter head to the rear.

And, as you might expect in these more politically correct times, that's a Bad Thing. Never mind that that's exactly what the Taliban do to captured NATO soldiers; never mind that this is war, and war is hell; the only thing that matters is that beheading a Taliban is wrong, because it's offensive to the Taliban.

It's crap like this that makes you yearn for the Ripley solution:

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Anonymous said...

What is it with the beheadings!!?!??

I have never seen a group of "people?" that is so gungho about beheadings!?!?

What was that movie/tv show in the past few years where those people never died? The only way they died was to behead them and the beheader got all of the power from the beheaded? Makes you wonder if there isn't a similar fairy tale in the mooslime lexicon.