Friday, July 23, 2010

It Took Me A Few Seconds To Figure It Out

A story on "quick-casual" hamburger restaurants, also sometimes called "better burger" restaurants. Five Guys is the most famous of these.

Yet there is another chain mentioned in the article whose name didn't leap out at me, at least at first, then finally I got it:

Hugh Jass Burgers. Say it out loud. It's one of those names that is clever but naughty, and doesn't really account for children in society or, rather, expects that the mild profanity involved is worth the offense it causes.

Here's the logo for Hugh Jass Burgers:

Maybe they should try and get Kim Kardashian as their celebrity spokesman?


TOTWTYTR said...

Talk about beef on the hoof! If her bikini bottom were white, she could rent her butt out for a drive in movie screen.

Bob said...

@TOTWTYTR: so you'd kick her out of bed, right?

Anonymous said...


Drive in movie screen!!!!

THATS all she's famous ins!!!!!!!



ajdshootist said...

I know what i would like to do to her she has the kind of hips that once mounted you could not fall of.